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Sykkuno & Valkyrae talks about Fall Guys Commercial: “I, uh, sat there”

Sykkuno and Valkyrae are featured in the Fall Guys trailer. Check out the article to know more about it!

Sykkuno & Valkyrae talks about Fall Guys Commercial

The Youtube gaming content creators Sykkuno and Rachell “Valkyrae” came together to play Fall Guys, and they discussed the new Fall Guys trailer in which both streamers are featured.

This time Fall Guys came with the big update not just did they launch the game into the next-gen console but they also made it free to play. The 100 thieves co-owner and Los Angles native is featured in the trailer, but he bit jealous of Rae for not getting nig role in the commercial.

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Sykkuno talks about not having a bigger role in ad

Sykkuno talks about not having a bigger role in ad

Sykkuno and Valkyrae recently broadcast sponsored Fall Guys stream and they both also featured in a new commercial for Fall Guys, on which they ended up talking about it. The conversation started with Rae when she thanked the game developers for sponsoring the game

“Thank you Fall Guys for sponsoring the stream. And putting us in the commercial. I turned into a dinosaur.”

On which the Los Angeles native bit hesitated to reply but he said “I, uh, sat there.”

After hearing this three of them laughed so hard, and Thomas told that he is not famous as Valkyrae for getting a big role in the ad. “Listen, I’m not Valkyrae. I don’t get fancy roles. They told me, just sit here. And I was like, yeah, I can do that. I can sit there.”

However, Rae suddenly talked about something secret cut, but even sykkuno didn’t understand what she is saying, he said: “No, they didn’t even tell me. I just literally woke up at 5.00 AM and showed up, and they told me to sit at this chair. Act surprised. And then I left.” after this Rae tried to explain “No, no, no. The secret cut was that they blew him with a blowdryer. But it was cut from the commercial.”

Furthermore, Sykkuno forgets about his scene in the commercial “I don’t know. It’s all a blur, it was so early. I don’t have the same connections. I don’t get these secrets. I just show up and sit there.”

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