Top 5 best eSports titles in 2021

Esports gained huge recognition this year with many organisations hosting tournaments and roping in new rosters. This article mentions the best eSports titles in 2021.

Top 5 best eSports titles in 2021
Best eSports titles this year

Esports or electronic sports is officially being recognised as a sport in many countries. Game developers as well as organisations are grabbing this opportunity to create competitive games or rope in teams. Here are the best eSports titles in 2021.

The year 2021 saw the exponential rise of eSports games as many famous personalities were seen joining hands with eSports organisations. When we talk about eSports games, various genres of games fall under this category such as FPS, MOBA, RTS and other fighting games. Several analytics websites have revelaed how eSports games in 2021 benefitted from the tournaments, player spending and other aspects. As the year is almost over, let us take a look back and know the best eSports games in 2021.

Best eSports titles in 2021

5) Valorant

Top 5 best eSports titles in 2021
Valorant Champions Tour

Riot Games rolled out Counter Strike inspired first person shooter game Valorant in the pandemic year. The preceding year saw the growth of eSports games and Valorant couldn’t have come at a better time. After entering the eSports domain with “First Strike”, Riot has conducted Challengers, Masters and Champions series of the game and the F2P game has become one of the most popular eSports titles in 2021.

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4) PUBG Mobile

Tencent’s free to play battle-royale game does not need any introduction. The game has a very promising eSports future as almost every version of the game are conducting their own tournaments with astonishing prize pools. Tencent is currently holding PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 which consists a massive prize pool of 6 million USD.

3) DOTA 2

Top 5 best eSports titles in 2021

The spin off of Defence of the Ancient, DOTA 2 is one of the best eSports titles in 2021. The developers conduct an annual tournament named The International which amasses millions of views from the fans. The International 2021 had kept a whopping prize pool of 40 million USD. The title has already been considered as one of the highest paying eSports games, therefore, readers can assume that how popular DOTA 2 is in the world of eSports.

2) League of Legends

Top 5 best eSports titles in 2021
League of Legends

One of the best eSports titles in 2021 was League of Legends. Commonly referred as League, this is another creation of Riot Games that has established dominance in the eSports scenario. The peak viewership of the tournaments have crossed close to 50 million views. The 2021 World Championship that ended recently featured a prize pool of $2,225,000 USD with 24 teams participating from around the globe.

1) CS:GO

Top 5 best eSports titles in 2021

Counter Strike Global Offensive is often deemed as one of the most toughest games in the world. As a consequence, the level of competition in this game reaches new heights every year. The developers recently conducted PGL Major Stockholm 2021 which was won by Natus Vincere. The Major Championship series hosted by the developers is one of the most prestigious tournament for this game.

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