Valorant Announces new Titanmail bundle. In game looks leaked with 4 guns and a melee

The latest Valorant skin bundle has been announced by Riot and here's all you need to know about it!

Valorant Titanmail bundle

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter esports game developed by Riot Games who also developed the infamous League of Legends which continues to be a global phenomenon even today.

Just like League of Legends, Valorant also has a cosmetic upgrade system where you can buy skins for your guns to be used in the game and boy have they been amazing at making those skins.

Valorant reveals the new Titanmail bundle

In a recent tweet, Riot Games on their official Valorant account posted a display banner of the new upcoming bundle which will be available in people’s stores by tomorrow.

Valorant Titanmail bundle
A snippet as released by Riot Games on the official Valorant Twitter

The bundle seems to look amazing in the banners but then again, the same is true for every bundle that Riot has ever released. Let’s not forget the Nebula collection for which people actually paid 7100 VP(R.I.P.).

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The Titanmail bundle’s in game looks and sounds were also leaked soon after by @ValorLeaks on Twitter in the form of a video.

In the video, it seems that the gun doesn’t have a specific sound effect or a kill banner of sorts which would explain the lower price of 1275 VP per skin and 2550 VP for the melee with one upgrade, again, as leaked by @ValorLeaks.

The bundle is a metallic silvery-black colour mixed with yellow accents and it really feels like Riot could’ve done so much more with the bundle but decided not to just in the pursuit of making it a more medium priced skin.

The bundle will include a Vandal, a Bucky, a Frenzy, an Ares and a melee which is a mace making it the first mace in the game. It will come free with the bundle and if you want to buy it solely then you will be out of 2550 VP.

The skins seem to have a thorny theme going for them as all the guns see pointy projections coming out of them in the yellow accented colour which does seem to look good but then again, could have been so much better with some VFX and SFX.

However, here’s a statement by an official Riot Employee and what it means to make a skin bundle for them so before you and I get upset, let’s read this through and understand the process.

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