Valorant Halloween-themed Soulstrife skin leaked: Release date, Price, and Other Details

Valorant Halloween-themed Soulstrife skin leaked: Release date, Price, and Other Details

Halloween is not over yet for the Valorant players as Valorant announced a new Halloween-themed Skin bundle, The Soulstrife Skinline will be named Haunted. This new Halloween Bundle will include a Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and a knife. The Soulstrife skins give a very gothic look and the knife’s skins are perfect for Halloween.

This drop is a little late because Valorant follows a patch cycle. The skins will be available starting November 2 in the game store. All players were eagerly waiting for the Halloween drop and it is finally here.


Mike ValorLeaks had revealed this bundle beforehand and showed the player what the new skins will be like. The store will feature the haunted set on 2nd November 2022. The main attraction of this bundle is the melee weapon which is a scythe and the players are loving it. Players are hoping that the bundle features new animations.

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All details about Valorant Soulstrife Skin Bundle

Valorant announced a new Halloween-themed skin line: Soulstrife skins

This Halloween bundle is a set of five skins like every other skin bundle. All the skins in this set look extremely spooky and give a whitish-black aura. The bundle might also include additional cosmetics like player card, gun buddies, and sprays. However, this bundle will not be including any additional color variants or chromas. The skins will feature a new kill effect.


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The exact price for this bundle is not yet announced There are several estimates regarding the price of this bundle on the internet. The tier of the Haunted bundle is also unknown but if the bundle is priced between 6500-7100 VP, then it will fall under the premium skins tier bundles. Here is the expected price of the skins separately-

  1. Soulstrife Phantom – 1775 VP
  2. Soulstrife Guardian – 1775 VP
  3. Soulstrife Spectre – 1775 VP
  4. Soulstrife Ghost – 1775 VP
  5. Soulstrife Knife – 3550 VP
  6. Soulstrife Haunted Bundle – 7100 VP

This bundle will feature one upgradable skin and rumors are pointing toward the Phantom. The store currently features Ion 2.0 which will expire tomorrow and will be replaced by the Haunted. Stay tuned for all the details regarding the Soulstrife Halloween Bundle.


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