TSM Announce its Valorant roaster for VCT Stage 2

TSM signed new two players for their Valorant roaster for the upcoming VCT Stage 2 NA Challengers. Read the full article to know them their name

TSM Announce its Valorant roaster for VCT Stage 2
TSM new Valorant Roaster for upcoming VCT Stage 2 NA Challengers

TSM officially announced their Valorant roaster with the new addition to the team on April 23. The org is failed to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tour NA Stage 1 Challengers in February, they have been knocked out from the group stage already.

Now TSM revamped their roaster and added two new players to the squad for the upcoming VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers. This information is given by the org only on their Twitter handles.

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TSM new Valorant Roaster for Stage 2

TSM Announce its Valorant roaster for VCT Stage 2
TSM signed Seven and gMd as a new addition to the team

TSM roaster was recently seen playing with two new players in the Knight Circuit Monthly tournament and they placed 2nd and lost against Ghost Gaming by a 2-0 scoreline. Fans are watching their TSM roaster playing with new Two additions in the third-party tournaments.

The two new addition to the team is, gMd a Canadian Valorant professional player before this he played for Gen.G, and his role in the team is IGL, North American fans have already seen him play in tournaments. The player won many tournaments in the early 2022 beta versions but after that season he did not qualify for the First Strike: North America.

The second player is Seven a Mexican Valorant professional player and he already played with some professional teams like 100 Thieves and T1. He joined 100 Thieves as a substitute but he never got the chance to play in the playing 5. After that, he was signed by the T1 team and competed in the Stage 1 Challengers.

TSM also does not have a good record in the official tournament history they never won any series or even qualified for the International tournament. With this new roaster, fans are hoping so much from them in the upcoming tournaments. Seven and gMd are going to play officially in the VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers along with their team members.

TSM’s new Valorant Roaster is:

  • Anthony “gMd” Guimond.
  • Johann “seven” Hernandez
  • Yassine “Suborza” Taoufik
  • Corey “corey” Nigra
  • Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo

Fans are rooting for TSM’s new roaster in action in the upcoming Riot’s official tournaments.

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