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What is PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature? Here is all you need to know

Tencent has finally announced PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature. This article explains all about that.

PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature is here!

Keeping aside the popularity of Tencent’s battle-royale game, PUBG Mobile, the fact that cheaters ruin the seamless gaming experience cannot be ignored. Today, the developers have announced PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature and this article shall explain the details of this of new anti-cheat feature and whether it is really effective.

Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile is the first game that comes to the mind when we speak of battle-royale. The game has continued to extend its player base by introducing several new aspects as well collaborating with different personalities or companies. However, the game has been in a tumultuous state over the recent months due to the menace of hackers. The anti-cheat system has been time and again revise to counter hackers but the efforts seemed to go in vain.

Krafton announces PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature

PUBG Mobile Ban Pan

Considering the complaints of several players around the world who have often accused hackers causing a nuisance in the game and making the matches almost unplayable, Krafton and Tencent has finally taken a drastic measure to weed off every single player who is caught of using cheating tools in the game or violating the privacy policies. The announcement of PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature was made today in the official social media channels of the game.

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Explaining PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature on a Reddit post, the developers have explained that if the officials detect any player to be cheating, his/her device is subjected to permanent ban i.e. he/she will not be able to create any new account or log in in the game through that device. This feature was widely demanded by the players as most of the cheaters who were banned earlier made new accounts and created the same inconvenience to other players.

Players should note that their device will be barred from playing PUBG Mobile permanently if they are found using cheating tools or different hacking methods. Therefore, we recommend the players to refrain from using such tools as, according to the Reddit post, the ban will never be lifted.

PUBG Mobile will ban hacker’s devices

The PUBG Mobile Device Ban Feature has got laudable appreciation from different players as this finally came as a hope to several players who were frustrated regarding the soaring number of hackers in the game. As the Indian version of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India has also become a victim of hackers, it can be assumed that a similar feature will be introduced in BGMI.

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