Zellsis gets fined $10k for “blowing flute” during VCT Americas

Zellsis received a hefty fine of $10K for his inappropriate gesture during VCT Americas.

Zellsis gets fined $10k for “blowing flute” during VCT Americas

Zellsis at VCT Americas

During a match against NRG in the ongoing Valorant tournament, VCT Americas, Zellsis made an incredible kill but his celebration was rather unusual. This led to the player being handed a $10K fine by Riot Games. The Cloud9 player later on talked about the incident on his live stream.

However this was not the first time Zellsis was fined. On June 11, 2021 the player was suspended from open qualifier and later on from the main event of upcoming NA VCT third stage. This move came after his inappropriate remark against that was discriminatory and offensive about a official present at the tournament.

Zellsis (Source: YouTube.com)

After the incident, Zellsis took to Twitter to apologize for his actions. He addressed the tweet from the Valorant version 1 account and apologizing for jeopardizing the team. Furthermore, he announced that he would be taking a few dats off social media for the “greater good.”

Zellsis’ entry to Valorant V1

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Jordan (image credit: Wikipedia.com)

Jordan Montemurro aka “Zellsis” is a player for famous gaming team ‘Cloud 9’ which is based in Santa Monica, California, USA. Born in 1998 and American citizen Zellsis was a former professional CS:GO player. He was active player for the CSGO from 2016 until 2020. After his successful career in CSGO , he went on to choose Valorant as his next career move. In Valorant zellsis is a dualist. He prefers playing Reyna , phoenix. He flexes with his signature character “Sage”. The young Valorant player seeks to start his next fling with streaming in his free time and playing officially for League of Legends as his favorite game among others.

Zellsis’ Career achievements

Zellsis has previously been a professional CSGO player where he spent 4 years and later debuted in Version 1 of Valorant eSports category.He played alongside famous gamers like Tenz and Shroud at 2022 VCT last chance qualifiers. With Valorant now in his corsairs he took on the role of Orgless roster and was later acquired by version 1.


There, in his time he spent 17 months playing Valorant and showed his tactical prowess to team. On this feat he got transferred to Sentinels as their fifth player. He played as 5th for the team at NA LQC campaign. Zellsis is known for his ability to use precision frags and tactical approach and awareness. With his fast paced movement and active participation in communication put him in the front row of attention with great performance in Valorant.

He also uploads his gaming content on his YouTube channel and also has a Twitch account where is he seen occasionally streaming his content over gaming and otherwise. What takes place after this fine will be a news to keep eyes on.

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