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“I hope he never stops making movies” LilyPichu in an interview with Mamoru Hosoda

This article talks about LilyPichu's interview with Mamoru Hosoda and how she received an unusual offer during it.

LilyPichu and Mamoru Hosoda

LilyPichu is a great fan of anime and it is no secret of her love of Madoka Magica. She even achieved her dream of voicing a character by being the voice of Sayu in Genshin impact. Lily has come a long way from making relatable songs about League of Legends to becoming one of the most-watched female streamers on Twitch. Recently she had interviewed the anime legend Mamoru Hosoda on her Twitch stream and he made an unusual request from her.

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What did LilyPichu Tell Mamoru Hosoda?

The anime legend is most famous for making the film Mirai which was nominated for the 91st Academy Awards in the category of Best Animated feature film. Lily was interviewing him about his most recent film Belle which was released in 2021. “I think constantly creating new things for people to enjoy and they make new things” Lily said to the translator “I hope he never stops making movies”

LilyPichu voiced Sayu in Genshin Impact

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How did Mamoru Hosoda react to this?

“I’ll try” He replied to LilyPichu when she praised his movie-making abilities. “I want you to do that voice again in the future” he told Lily hinting that he might want to have her voice act in one of his movies. “Stop!” Lily blushed at his request feeling very honoured at this request. She could in fact get the part as she has voiced Sayu in Genshin impact, one of the most popular RPGs in the world.

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