Ex-NASCAR driver and son reportedly arrested for assaulting police during Jan 6 riot

Tighe Scott is a dirt racer turned NASCAR driver.

Ex-NASCAR driver and son reportedly arrested for assaulting police during Jan 6 riot

Tighe Scott (Via mcall.com)

According to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office former NASCAR driver Tighe Scott, who is 75 years old, was arrested alongside his 48 years old son Jarret Scott for their involvement in the US Capital riot that happened four years ago. They were arrested alongside another father and son duo from Pennsylvania.

As per the reports from abcNEWS, the Scott’s are charged with multiple felony charges that includes assaulting law enforcement officer’s wo were guarding the US Capital. They were part of the pro-Donald Trump mob that was present outside the capital and wasn’t part of the group the entered the capital.

Tighe Scott is a former dirt racer who showed his class in the lower levels and earned his place in the NASCAR Cup series. In his six yearlong Cup career (1976 to1982), he drove for teams like Ballard Racing and Baxter Price. He has never won a race in his Cup career and has the best finish of P5 in the series that his achieved twice at Talladega and Bristol.

Tighe Scott was arrested because of his NASCAR driver identity

According to the reports, Tighe Scott was identified by the FBI during the investigation after a witnessed identified him as a former NASCAR driver. So, this identity helped the law enforcement to easily track down the ex-racer.

Tighe Scott
Tighe Scott (Via Pinterest)

According the prosecutors, the four arrested individuals’ verbally and physically attacked policeman during the incident. They allegedly used flagpoles, golf clubs and an “Area Closed” sign and threw or strike them during the confrontation. Jarret Scott was the one that used who reportedly used the golf club while confronting police.

The two felony offenses as well as the multiple misdemeanor offenses might put the father and son duo, behind the bars. It would be interesting to see how the duo will navigate the investigation and the prosecution.  

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