WATCH: Daniel Ricciardo ‘touches the bottom’ of Martin Brundle during Canadian GP grid walk

Daniel Ricciardo is known for being the driver with the funny bones on the F1 grid.

WATCH: Daniel Ricciardo ‘touches the bottom’ of Martin Brundle during Canadian GP grid walk

Daniel Ricciardo and Martin Brundle (Via: Imago, X/Sky F1, screenshot)

The weekend in Canada has been an exciting one in the F1 world. George Russell claimed the pole position with a 0.000 margin between him and Max Verstappen, bringing back fond memories of the qualifying in Jerez in 1997. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Daniel Ricciardo was spotted having fun with Martin Brundle during the grid walk before the start of the race.

Daniel Ricciardo is known for his amiable character within the paddock. The Aussie has been known for his joking nature with other drivers as he introduced the shoe-ey celebration on the podium in F1. Moreover, multiple drivers have been at the receiving end of a shoe-ey, including former F1 driver turned commentator Martin Brundle, and have had a great relationship with the 65-year-old.

In his iconic fashion, the 34-year-old was seen playing with the Englishman during the gridwalk.

While Brundle was conducting interviews on the Sky Sports broadcast, Ricciardo pounced on the opportunity in front of him and touched the bottom of the senior Brit. On the other hand, the Australian qualified P5 for the race, and after, having a moment with Brundle ran back to his VCARB 01 to start in his lofty position.

The feud between Daniel Ricciardo and Jacques Villeneuve continues

As the Canadian GP rolled on, a feud between Ricciardo and Ex-F1 driver, Jacques Villeneuve seemed to have boiled up. The former world champion claimed that the Australian can’t cut it and should retire. Subsequently, he replied to him by qualifying P5 and advised the Canadian to stay away from commenting on his performances.

Daniel Ricciardo and Jacques Villeneuve
Daniel Ricciardo and Jacques Villeneuve (Via: Imago)

Despite the 34-year-old’s monumental effort, Villeneuve was convinced that his derogatory remarks paid off.

He needs the push, the pressure, and it paid off. It’s working well, the car suits him this weekend and when you have a car that suits you, you drive at your best. That was one good qualifying. If he can carry on this weekend like this then do four, five, six more races like that, then he’ll be fine. But like he said, he’s been lacking consistency this year.
Jacques Villeneuve said on Sky Sports F1

The 53-year-old reckoned that his condemnation paid off. Furthermore, his criticism motivated Ricciardo to excel through. However, he pointed out that it’s only a single good performance by the former race winner, and he still lacks the consistency to be a big threat to the midfield.

As it stands, despite starting P5, Ricciardo binned his high qualifying position by performing a false start. This led to him being penalized by the stewards which has led him to fall down the field, and currently stands P11 at the halfway mark at the Canadian GP.

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