WATCH: Fans go wild as 10-time race winner Valtteri Bottas does a stunning 180° turn at the Canadian GP

Valtteri Bottas is yet to score a point this season.

WATCH: Fans go wild as 10-time race winner Valtteri Bottas does a stunning 180° turn at the Canadian GP

Valtteri Bottas (via IMAGO, X/effy, screenshot)

The crowd in Montreal cheered in praise of Kick Sauber driver, Valtteri Bottas‘s showboating shenanigans during the Canadian Grand Prix. Bottas performed an effortless 180° to spin back into the direction of the race after losing control of his car going into a specific turn.

Valtteri Bottas has been in disastrous form since the start of this season, with Sauber being unable to score even a single point in nine races. The Finnish driver has not been able to find pace with the C44 which has been one of the slowest cars on the grid.

However, the former Mercedes driver demonstrated that he still possesses skills worth the bucks as performed an effortless 180° turn during one of his eye-catching moments in the 70-lap race. Valtteri Bottas was an exceptional driver with Mercedes winning 10 races and a whopping 58 podiums during his five-year run with them.

Bottas’s contract with Sauber runs out at the end of the season which leaves him without a team for 2025 despite rumors of negotiations with many. The 34-year-old will now have to step up in the upcoming races to gain better ground in amassing interest from potential outfits.

Valtteri Bottas calls for more upgrades on Sauber’s C44

Valtteri Bottas has voiced the need for better and more upgrades in the C44 to improve the performance of Kick Sauber this season. The outfit is the only team that has failed to score a single point this year.

Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas (via IMAGO)
We need to keep making the car faster, we need to keep bringing upgrades. There’s some plan for the future, but we need bigger upgrades and more of them. I think that’s the key honestly.
Valtteri Bottas said in the post-race Montreal interview

Both drivers, Zhou Guanyu and Valtteri Bottas, have struggled wholly in most of the races this season, with the latest being the race at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. Bottas said that some of the upgrades in the car contributed to a bit more downforce during the race but were ultimately fruitless without points.

Sauber will look to work further on the fundamentals within their car to figure out the problems with pace and downforce in hopes of improvement. As for scoring points, the Swiss team will try to bring in more potent upgrades in time for the Spanish Grand Prix, which is a crucial race for them in two weeks.

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