“Massive, Dangerous, Ridiculous” Ex-F1 driver mercilessly bashes Kevin Magnussen for his lap-1 Monaco crash antics

Kevin Magnussen has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this year.

“Massive, Dangerous, Ridiculous” Ex-F1 driver mercilessly bashes Kevin Magnussen for his lap-1 Monaco crash antics

Kevin Magnussen and Sergio perez (via IMAGO)

The former F1 driver, Jacques Villeneuve has heavily criticized Haas’s Kevin Magnussen following his huge collision during the Monaco Grand Prix. Magnussen collided with Sergio Perez on Lap 1 of the race which led to huge damages for both the Haas cars and the Red Bull challenger.

The Kannapolis-based team has not had a good start to the season and has managed to score only seven points across eight races. Hence, Haas needed both their drivers to perform at their absolute best to extract maximum points out of the Monaco GP.

However, a crash by Kevin Magnussen on Sergio Perez ended up damaging Nico Hulkenberg‘s car as well. It ultimately led to the team coming away from Monte Carlo with zero points.

Many experts across the grid have criticized Magnussen’s decisiveness in the race, with Jacques Villeneuve saying that the unapologetic nature of the Danish driver is the most disappointing prospect of all. Magnussen explained in his post-race interview that he went for a gap that was opened up by Perez but was not able to utilize that opportunity.

It was massive. It was dangerous. It was ridiculous. And he was 17th and 18th or something. He was not even going for the lead. Come on. First lap and you cannot even judge that. It is mad. It took the team to get angry for him to apologize and that was on social media.
Jacques Villeneuve said to the media including RacingNews365

The Danish driver currently has 11 penalty points to his name following his crash at the Miami Grand Prix, he now faces a race ban if he manages to notch up just one more. As the season heads into the Canadian GP, Magnussen will look to perform in a better manner in the hopes of scoring fruitful points for his team.

Kevin Magnussen says 2024 is his worst start to a year

Kevin Magnussen has iterated in his dialogue to the media that the opening third of the 2024 season has been the worst start to a season ever in his career. The 31-year-old has scored just a single point across eight races this campaign.

Kevin Magnussen
Kevin Magnussen (Via: Imago)
That's probably been the most frustrating start to a year I've ever had, it just seems like an uphill struggle all the time. It's not clicking. Hopefully, we can turn things around. We have a strong package. So we've got to use it.
Kevin Magnussen via autosport.com

Magnussen has praised the VF-24 and deemed it as strong, but has said that the conditions for the car to perform have not been optimal for the team. Haas scored a combined 12 points last season but is confident that they can perform much better this year.

Nico Hulkenberg has been in magnificent form this year and has performed brilliantly, especially in qualifying. The upcoming race in Canada will test the Haas Challenger to its limit with its high-speed straights and treacherous braking zones. The American team has got its work cut out for them heading into the Montreal race weekend.

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