Bernie Ecclestone disses Las Vegas GP amidst his $492 million tax fraud, claims ‘it has nothing to do with F1’

Bernie Ecclestone, former CEO of Formula 1, claimed that the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix is just a marketing gimmick employed by the new owners of Formula 1- The Liberty Media Corporation.

Bernie Ecclestone disses Las Vegas GP amidst his $492 million tax fraud, claims ‘it has nothing to do with F1’

Bernie Ecclesone and Las Vegas GP (via imago)

Back in 2017, the Liberty Media Corporation took over the reigns of the Formula 1 franchise along with its commercial rights. Before 2017, Bernie Ecclestone reigned upon the sport as its Chief Executive Officer. Ecclestone was named ‘F1 Supremo’ due to his influence on the sport’s workings. Upon being relieved from his former role as the CEO of F1, the billionaire has criticized several changes brought into the sport as he believes that Formula 1 has lost sight of what it used to be.

Ecclestone’s newest foray comes at the upcoming round in the 2023 Calendar as the entire paddock awaits the inaugural Las Vegas GP. The race has been termed as the ‘highlighting race weekend’ by multiple media outlets and has certainly proven to be the most awaited Grand Prix of the season. Ecclestone recently revealed his feelings regarding the glamorous race as he claimed to be unimpressed by the newest addition to Formula 1.


Ecclestone addressed the race that is being marketed as the grandest event in F1 history, as reported by The Independent.

I'm not really looking forward to it. Why not? It has nothing to do with Formula 1.
Bernie Ecclestone talked about his views on the Las Vegas GP.

The famous businessman was recently convicted of tax fraud by false representation and was sentenced to 17 months in prison. The amount in dispute during the case amounted to a massive $492 million. The former CEO had to pay HM Revenue and Customs nearly £653m in back tax and penalties. Bernie Ecclestone has always been a man of sharp opinions and has proven to be an entertaining figure in the World of Formula 1.

Bernie Ecclestone once claimed that he alone deserves credit for making Formula 1 a ‘global sport’

The inaugural season of the Formula 1 championship began all the way back in 1950. Bernie Ecclestone, upon joining the world of Formula 1 as a racing driver, later progressed through the ranks and took over his eventual position of CEO in 1971. Ecclestone’s reign over the championship rocketed the popularity of the sport to, previously, unattained highs.

Bernie Ecclestone (via imago)
Bernie Ecclestone (via imago)

The Businessman banked on television rights to increase the viewership of Formula 1. These television and broadcasting rights further introduced the championship to several countries outside Europe and the sport started garnering attention from viewers belonging to continents from across the globe, including Asia, South America, and Australia.

I am the one who took Formula 1 out of Europe and brought it to the rest of the world. We are competing for a world championship, not a European championship. It's good that it stays that way.
Bernie Ecclestone claimed that he made Formula 1 a ‘global sport’.

Although F1’s considerable rise in fame since the 1970s in regions outside of Europe supports the former CEO’s claim, It should be noted that the first Grand Prix outside of Europe occurred in the 1953 season. The 1953 season opener took place in Argentina. Ecclestone’s influence over Formula 1 cannot be ignored, however, it makes one wonder whether the rise of Formula 1 would have been unavoidable if it weren’t for the notorious businessman’s intervention.

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