F1 Las Vegas GP 2023: Weather forecast for the $500 million weekend in Sin City

This article delves into the weather conditions that are expected to preside over the Las Vegas GP.

F1 Las Vegas GP 2023: Weather forecast for the $500 million weekend in Sin City

A representative image for the Las Vegas GP (image via F1)

Formula 1 will finally race on the streets of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas GP is the most highly appreciated F1 race in the sport’s recent history. F1 and Liberty Media have invested almost half a billion dollars into the inaugural race in Sin City. Subsequently, the sport expects to earn hefty sums from the Grand Prix in the coming years.

The Las Vegas GP will take place on the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. The track has 17 corners with a total length of 3.8 miles or 6.2km. The circuit passes through the iconic city Strip that includes the most notable landmarks of Sin City. The track was designed by Carsten Tilke. The temperature during the race is expected to have a significant impact on the pecking order.

Formula 1 drivers will be racing on the Vegas circuit for the first time this weekend. F1 team bosses and drivers have mentioned that the race remains unknown due to the uncertainty of the conditions. Leading upto the weekend, former F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn had admitted that F1 did not take weather into account while scheduling the race. Drivers such as Sergio Perez had raised concerns for the same.

How will the weather be around the Vegas Strip during Qualifying and Main Race at the Las Vegas GP?

The Qualifying session for the Las Vegas GP will start at midnight on Saturday, November 18 local time. As per reports from weather.com, the session would take place under mostly clear skies. With temperatures expected to be around 12-14°C or around 53°F. The wind speed is reported to be around 4kmph or 2.5mph. Although, no rain is expected.

Las Vegas GP circuit during FP2
Las Vegas GP circuit during Free Practice (Via F1)

The main race starts at 10 pm local time on Saturday and is expected to end at midnight. Similar temperatures are expected for the race as well. With reports suggesting the temperature to be around 14-15°C or 59°F. The wind speeds are higher compared to Qualifying at around 10kmph or 6.2mph. Unsurprisingly, there are extremely low chances of rain at the Las Vegas GP.

Certainly, weather will play a major role at the Las Vegas GP. The cold conditions could make it difficult for drivers to warm up their tires. Pirelli had already raised concerns about the expected temperatures before the start of the weekend. Subsequently, drivers could face a challenge to keep their tires in the desired temperatures on the long straights of the circuit. Although, this could allow for some thrilling action for viewers during the weekend.

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