F1 reportedly plotting to organize a Grand Prix in New York

The United States current has three events on the F1 calendar.

F1 reportedly plotting to organize a Grand Prix in New York

New York (Credits: Motorsport)

F1 in the last few years has witnessed the emergence of quite a few new racing circuits. From the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia to the recent Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit, the sport has seen massive changes. The United States of America currently has three events on the calendar but Stefano Domenicali and Co. reportedly want to add a fourth event in the country.


The hype for the pinnacle of motor racing is at an all-time high in the United States and Domenicali wants to make the most of it. As per Italian outlet Rossomotori, the sport’s hierarchy is plotting to have a Grand Prix in New York and it has also come to light that if the event becomes a reality, it will eventually take place around Central Park.

Holding an F1-level event in a bustling city like New York is a fascinating thought but just like Las Vegas, there are quite a few hindering blocks. During the construction work of the Las Vegas circuit, there were several protests by the people around the traffic problems they faced in their day-to-day routines.

The demands that a track has to meet to host the F1 Grand Prix are extreme, and because of this reason, it is very difficult to set a timeline around which the event could become a reality. The Las Vegas GP was thought to be an impossible event, but against all odds, it was made a reality and the same can also happen in New York’s case.


The US market has immense potential for F1

While the work around the New York GP has unofficially begun in the corporate offices of F1, the reason behind having a fourth event in America is to further grow the popularity of the pinnacle of motor racing. Initially, three was only COTA on the F1 calendar, but after that came Miami and then this year, the Las Vegas GP.

Alpine (Credits: F1-Fansite)
(Credits: F1-Fansite)

The decision-makers at F1 are fully aware of the growth potential that the US market still has for the sport and this is one of the main factors that is pushing Domenicali and Co. to push the boundaries a bit more with the New York GP. A fourth event is the US is just about the absolute limit.

F1 has been in a period of boom for quite some time and with the way the sport has been evolving in all its facets, there is a very good chance that the New York GP could become a reality somewhere down the line. An F1 event around Central Park will entice fans from all over the world to tune in.

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