F1 to change name of Las Vegas ‘paddock’ building due to Route 91 harvest festival shooter

The devastating 91 Harvest Festival tragedy’s shooter shares his name with the phrase Formula 1 uses universally, and now the officials have demanded a radical change in the name ahead of the Las Vegas GP.

F1 to change name of Las Vegas ‘paddock’ building due to Route 91 harvest festival shooter

Las Vegas GP(wikimedia)

The term ‘paddock’ is used in Formula 1 to refer to the pit or the garage building at any of the circuits. However, the name of the perpetrator responsible for the horrific 91 Harvest Festival shootings in 2017, where 60 people were killed in Las Vegas, is Stephen Paddock. Hence, the Formula 1 officials have been requested to dismiss the term ‘paddock’ for the upcoming Las Vegas GP. In its place, perhaps the name ‘garage building’ building will be used.


The first-ever Grand Prix in the Sin City is only a few weeks away. Already being touted as the most expensive Grand Prix in F1 history, the race is predicted to turn heads all around the world due to its extravaganza. But this small detail regarding the naming of the paddock has been a cause for some concern among the locals.“Las Vegas Grand Prix is sensitive and has been recently informed about the correlation of the use of the word Paddock on their building site,” said Stephanie Allen, one of the officials representing the Grand Prix.

Formula 1 officials have insisted that their intent was not to dismiss the sensitivity and sorrow felt amongst the Las Vegas locals and the racing community alike. They also highlighted how the word ‘paddock’ is used for every race. The officials have now announced that they are looking to rename the building. It is not known, as of now, what they will rename it to.

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Daniel Ricciardo jokingly asks for 98% credit for the Las Vegas GP

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Daniel Ricciardo (via PlanetF1)

Daniel Ricciardo, or Danny Ric, as he is lovingly called, had foretold that a Las Vegas GP will happen back in 2017. And now, he has hilariously demanded for at least 98% credit of it. Back in 2017, Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo were asked the same question at a press conference. The question was about where the two drivers would like the sport to race in the future. Lewis answered Miami while the then Red Bull driver replied Las Vegas, excitedly.

Unfortunately, Daniel Ricciardo was injured following his crash at the Dutch GP, and has already missed the Italian GP. As he is currently in recovery, he is also slated to miss the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix. But the Australian hopes to get back to racing when the famous Vegas Strip is lit-up by Formula 1 circus in November.

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