“Thought this was a parody account” – Fans react as Haas F1 team unveils a new logo including title sponsor Moneygram for 2023

“Thought this was a parody account” – Fans react as Haas F1 team unveils a new logo including title sponsor Moneygram for 2023

MoneyGram Haas F1 team

The Haas F1 team is the only American team in Formula 1. The team made its F1 debut in 2016 and has endured a roller-coaster since. Haas made rapid progress initially before falling behind its rivals. Haas also suffered embarrassment in 2019 after the title sponsor Rich Energy terminated its contract. Even in recent times, Haas has not had the best of records regarding partners, after having to cancel its contract with UralKali in 2022.

However, things have been on the rise for the Haas F1 team. After an improved 2022 season, the American outfit managed to sign a deal with financial-giant MoneyGram. This comes as a blessing for Gunther Steiner’s team which has historically struggled for adequate funding. This deal witnessed the team’s official entry name in 2023 be MoneyGram Haas F1 team.

Nico Hulkenberg will be racing for Haas in 2023 alongside Kevin Magnussen

Thus, as 2023 began, Haas revealed its new logo for the oncoming F1 season on Twitter. The team has already passed the FIA chassis test for the 2023 car. . This new logo combines the logos of the F1 team along with a subtle addition of the MoneyGram logo. This is a rather unique yet clever take on a logo of a Formula 1 team. As we see the team merging the sponsor’s logo in its own identity rather than converting the team’s colors to sponsor’s identity.

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Haas will be having an improved financial situation with this deal

As soon as Haas made the announcement on Twitter, fans were quick to voice out their dissatisfaction. One user was surprised to see an actual F1 team using such a design. The user said, “Actually thought this was a parody account.” Another fan talked about the low resolution of the logo as the team’s Twitter profile picture. The fan replied, “It looks so bad sorry. It’s pixelated and it doesn’t even fit into that profile picture circle.


One fan had a sarcastic take on the logo and mentioned how the bad design suits the team. The fan tweeted, “It looks like sh*t and I love it. Aligns well with the Haas brand.” Another user stated their relief in Mick Schumacher not driving for Haas in 2023 after being replaced by Nico Hulkenberg. The user said, “I’m now glad mick doesn’t have to drive under this monstrosity.”

F1 is a sport for advertisers and the teams need funds. Thus, seeing Haas redesign its logo in accordance with MoneyGram is not surprising. Any marketing team in F1 has to work within the limits set by its sponsors and hence, this logo met MoneyGram’s requirements. And of course, a logo is a part of any team’s identity but we should wait till we see the team’s colors for this year, including its F1 livery and overalls.


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