“Awful, grow up and put paint on it” – Fans SLAM Alpine for revealing a polarizing livery for 2024

Alpine revealed two liveries for 2024 including a pink BWT design for the first three rounds of the season.

“Awful, grow up and put paint on it” – Fans SLAM Alpine for revealing a polarizing livery for 2024

The Alpine A524 (Via Autosport)

The Alpine F1 team has revealed its new car for the upcoming F1 season as they showcased the Alpine 524 during its launch event alongside its Hypercar for the World Endurance Championship. However, the French team’s 2024 challenger seems to have a polarizing design.


Alpine has been known for its blue and pink liveries in the past two seasons courtesy of title sponsor BWT. The color combination continues for this year, albeit at a rather different scale. The base of the new A524 is exposed carbon fiber which helps the French team save some crucial weight.

There are glimpses of blue on the nose and in front of the driver’s cockpit. Moreover, Alpine has brought in a new two-tone design for its shades which is evident on the car including the engine cover. The side-pods have BWT branding and its traditional pink color.

The French team unveiled a special pink livery for the first three rounds of the 2024 season. In this design, BWT’s pink shade takes over the blue patches on the car with virtually no other difference.


Fans not happy with Alpine’s new livery

Fans on X were far from happy with Alpine’s latest livery. One user mentioned that it was time that the Enstone-based team would put some paint on the rather underwhelming design. The user wrote,
Awful, grow up and put paint on it.”
While another fan rated the livery 0 on a scale of 10 as it barely qualified as an F1 livery.

Alpine A524 pink livery
Alpine A524 pink livery (Via Autosport)

One fan shared a meme that said, “My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.” As such it is evident that the fan was furious with Alpine’s attempt at a new livery. While another user joked that many of the Renault-works team made some budget cuts in the paint budget for the upcoming season.

Alpine’s design has not won over fans. The A524 has a polarizing livery with massive portions of exposed carbon fiber. However, it seems that F1 teams are becoming more and more comfortable in leaving portions without paint to save weight. It remains to be seen if the livery can grow on fans in the coming weeks.

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