“Omg it’s f**king glorious”- Fans thrilled to see Williams FW46 livery for the 2024 F1 season

Williams became the third team to reveal its new look for 2024 after McLaren and Haas.

“Omg it’s f**king glorious”- Fans thrilled to see Williams FW46 livery for the 2024 F1 season

Williams FW46 livery reveal (via Autosport.com).

Williams has finally unveiled the livery that the team will be donning on the Williams FW46 for the 2024 season. The team has decided to go with an evolution of its previous livery, in terms of color scheme and designs. Nevertheless, observers have noted some other notable changes in the all-new FW46 for 2024.


After Haas’ VF-24 was unveiled, Williams became the third team to the car’s livery with the fans. Additionally, McLaren had also shared the MCL-38’s livery that the Woking will don on the challenger for the 2024 season. However, Williams has only shared the livery of its new car without highlighting any details of what the FW46 could look like in terms of aerodynamics.

The FW46 contains various shades of dark and navy blue on the challenger apart from the carbon fiber on the lower half of the chassis. Additionally, the car also contains red and white pinstripe near the side pods and nose, staying true to the British identity of the team. The team has added ‘Komatsu’ to its sponsor roster for 2024, and the chassis’ livery now prominently displays this new partnership, in addition to the existing team members from 2023.

Fans share their opinion over the stunning looks of the Williams FW46

In a recent tweet on X, multiple fans shared their opinions over the new visuals of the Williams’ livery for the 2024 season. Multiple fans claimed that they were ‘obsessed’ with the new livery design of the challenger and the new racing suits for the drivers. Another fan highlighted that the livery design was ‘F**cking glorious’ and also that they anticipated a P6 finish in the constructors’ championship for the team.

Williams FW46 livery from the back
Williams FW46 livery from the back (via Planetf1).

Apart from this, one fan mentioned that the new livery was much ‘better’ than the last three Williams’ liveries. Another fan added that Williams ‘cooked’ with this awesome and stunning livery of the FW46. Some other fans called the design ‘Iconic’ and resonated with the majority of the fans who shared a great liking to the new livery of the FW46.

Therefore, the majority of fans embraced the new designs and visuals of the livery, leaving Grove with the final task of unveiling the chassis for the 2024 season challenger. The team has also shown a great pace of improvement alongside Alex Albon, and the 2024 season would show the learnings that Williams took from the previous season of F1.