When Felipe Massa referred to the notorious Singapore GP track’s turn 10 chicane as ‘little tortoises’

The turn 10 chicane in the Marina Bay Street Circuit, which is now removed, was once hit out by Felipe Massa.

The long-awaited Singapore Grand Prix has fans squirming in their seats as they cannot wait for the action to unfold. Currently, out of the drivers on the grid, Sebastian Vettel has the most wins at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and is known as the Lion of Singapore scoring a total of 5 race wins to date.

When we talk about the Singapore Grand Prix, one must not forget the infamous ‘Singapore Sling,’ the turn 10 chicane that was very hard to manoeuvre and tested the driver’s skills to the brink. This particular turn has been the reason for many horrific crashes and has also partly been the reason for many drivers to lose crucial championship-winning points.

This particular turn is notorious not only for testing the driver’s skills but for also pushing the car to its limits and testing its manoeuvrability to the brink. The organisers of the Singapore Grand Prix removed this particular chicane in the 2013 GP and has now been replaced with a flowing single-apex left-hand bend. Felipe Massa has also gone on record and called turn 10 ‘little tortoises’ based on its appearance.

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The notorious ‘Singapore Sling’ leaves the historic Singapore Grand Prix

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When Felipe Massa referred to the notorious Singapore GP track's turn 10 chicane as 'little tortoises' 2

The turn 10 chicane at the Singapore Grand Prix or better known as the notorious ‘Singapore Sling’ was removed from the track after the 2012 F1 season and was replaced with a flowing single-apex left-hand bend. Drivers on the grid welcomed the change as the turn pushed a driver and his car to the brink of his limits and if you are unable to overcome the turn it ended up in a fatal accident.

This particular turn has been the reason for many horrific accidents that have taken place in the past. It claimed its first victim in Kimi Raikkonen in 2008 when he crashed late into the race with only 4 laps left to go. The management brought in slight changes but that did not satisfy the driver nor did it reduce the risk to the drivers.

Ultimately, the management of Singapore decided to change the chicane and turn it into a flowing single-apex left-hand bend. This change greatly pleased the drivers as the danger had been removed from the track allowing them to race easier and faster than before.

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