FIA breaks silence on uncertainty over Andretti’s F1 engine supplier

Andretti is now open to joining the F1 grid from as soon as 2025.

FIA breaks silence on uncertainty over Andretti’s F1 engine supplier

Mohammed Ben Sulayem with Stefano Domenicali (L) Mario Andretti (R) (via IMAGO)

Andretti got the green light from FIA, Formula 1’s governing body, to join the F1 grid in 2025 as the 11th team. Andretti Autosport, known for its success in series like Formula E, IndyCar, and IMSA, aims to make its mark in Formula 1. However, while approved to join F1, they still face a major dilemma: choosing an engine supplier.


The American team initially planned to use their own engine but, as their team boss admitted, this won’t happen soon. Initially, Andretti considered buying an engine from Renault and even held discussions. However, negotiations with the French manufacturer fell through. Now, the team must quickly secure an engine deal.

Although the team’s current discussions with Renault collapsed, the FIA president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem is confident that the American team would definitely not stay without an engine supplier. Further expanding, he told, “It works that. With the rules, nobody can say no to them,” he said. “If all the teams say no, then the FIA has the power to go on and say. The last two [engine manufacturers] being used, then we put them in a draw, and we take one.”

This means the FIA can choose an engine supplier for Andretti if they’re left without one. According to F1’s Sporting Regulations, if a team has no engine supplier, the manufacturer supplying the fewest customer teams must work with them. In this case, that means Alpine and Honda for 2026, each supplying engines to just one team. The FIA president mentioned, “It’s no secret; either Alpine or Honda will be chosen because that’s the rule.”


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Alpine boss Bruno Famin’s reaction to the now-expired engine deal with Andretti

Bruno Famin, the interim boss of the Alpine racing team, explained the lapsed agreement with Andretti. During an interview with, he said, “We had a pre-contract with Andretti. That expired because they were supposed to be granted an F1 entry before a given date.” As of now, the team needs to engage in negotiations for a comprehensive and formal contract with Andretti since no prior contract exists between them.

Alpine's Bruno Famin.
Alpine’s Bruno Famin. (Via Formula1)

Initially, this agreement was meant to assist Andretti while it worked with GM and Cadillac to develop its own power unit. However, it’s now clear that the idea of using Alpine/Renault engines is no longer valid. This change occurred after the FIA announced last week that it had approved Andretti’s application. Later, sent it to FOM for consideration of a commercial contract.

It could mean that if a decision is not made until early next year, it could be too late to get engines ready for 2025. That’s why the American team is still looking for a deal. Then they can make themselves before Appendix 6 of the F1 sporting regulations come into play.


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