Franz Tost, after recently quitting AlphaTauri, breaks silence on his infamous ‘no longer trust my engineers’ claim

Franz Tost addressed his past comments towards the engineers of AlphaTauri about how he did not trust them.

Franz Tost, after recently quitting AlphaTauri, breaks silence on his infamous ‘no longer trust my engineers’ claim

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The Faenza outfit of AlphaTauri will see some big changes after the culmination of this season. Franz Tost will be replaced by Laurent Mekies and Peter Bayer and additionally the team might get a rebrand for the next season. However, Franz Tost‘s stirred some controversy with some comments towards the degrading form of the team.

Franz Tost revealed the reasons for the comments which he made earlier where he said that he didn’t trust his engineer over their capability of building a winning car. Tost commented that the car last year was not competitive and hence something had to be done about it. He also addressed how the engineers claimed that the car would be perfect and fantastic.


Our car last year was not competitive. Then I said we have to do something, because I cannot accept that we are rolling around in the back of the field, I want to be at least in the front part of the midfield. They told me figures and they said ‘the car will be fantastic. Really good performance, very good figures in CFT, as well as in the wind tunnel, and blah blah blah.’

Franz Tost said, as reported by

Tost also talked about the interview where he insisted that he did not trust the engineers. The Austrian ex-boss claimed that after the comments ,the team bought changes to the aero department of AlphaTauri. He finally exclaimed that the upgrades worked acceptably in the favor of the team.

If I don't trust anymore the people, then they are out. This was the case. We changed them and brought in some new people, so we have now hopefully a good team in the aero department. I must say, all the upgrades they brought this year so far worked acceptably.

Franz Tost talked about his easy-leading style within AlphaTauri

The Austrian ex-boss served the team for almost 18 years before leaving the team in the end. After a somewhat successful service to the Faenza-based outfit, Tost talked about his leading style within the team that helped them reach some amazing feats. Franz Tost commented that his leading style was totally easy.

Franz Tost.
Franz Tost (via The Independent)

He highlighted how he sat together with the people in the team and discuss the topic in detail and make a decision finally. Tost further talked about how he disliked when the team decided something and later changed it to go another direction. Franz Tost’s leadership helped the team finally reach a mediocre P8 in the constructor’s cup.


Tost promoted great co-operation within the team and ensured that everyone worked well with each other in crucial times. Whenever necessary, Tost took the blame for the small mistakes within the team and hence helped the team score better results. Although the team faced difficult situations mid-season with the driver changes, AlphaTauri scored good results and secured a decent position in the constructor’s championship.

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