Helmut Marko blames Sergio Perez’s lack of self-confidence for his failure to capture podium every weekend

Sergio Perez finished in P2 at the Hungarian Grand Prix after qualifying in ninth place.

Helmut Marko blames Sergio Perez’s lack of self-confidence for his failure to capture podium every weekend

Helmut Marko (Image credit: Last word on sports) and Sergio Perez (Image credit: The Jakarta Post)

Sergio Perez struggled in the last five F1 events, failing to reach Q3, including Q1 exits in Monaco and Britain. He now faces a challenging 101-point deficit to his teammate Max Verstappen in the drivers’ standings. Despite setbacks, Perez’s determination remains strong, and fans hope for a thrilling resurgence in the second half of the season.


Helmut Marko pointed out that Sergio Perez’s recent performance highlights the need for composure and focus during qualifying sessions. Acknowledging Perez’s prowess on race days, Marko anticipated his delight at being named driver of the day, given his substantial fan base in Latin America. Expressing satisfaction with Perez’s progress, Marko emphasized the significance of self-confidence, believing it to be a crucial factor in his future success.

“It shows that he just has to keep his nerve and focus in qualifying, [because] we already saw what he can do during the races. [With this] he rises again and we are [happy]. He can [be on the podium every race], he just has to have his self-confidence [when required],” he said.

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Sergio Perez’s fortunes turn around at the Hungaroring

Sergio Perez’s podium at tte 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix (Image credit: The Peninsula Qatar)

After a challenging streak of five Grand Prix weekends without reaching Q3, Sergio Perez’s fortunes shifted at the Hungaroring last weekend, giving him a reason to smile. While securing a spot in the final part of qualifying was an achievement, he aimed for a higher position than P9. Nevertheless, Perez showcased his determination with an impressive recovery drive during the race, ultimately finishing in a commendable P3.

He said, “Checo (Perez) increased his advantage, since Fernando Alonso finished further back and naturally had great moral courage and drive.” Then, he continued, “We expected him to attack Lando (Norris), but at the moment of passing he had to leave the optimum line of the track, where the rubber marbles are, and he caught so many that he couldn’t get them off him,” Helmut Marko continued.

After the 2023 Hungarian GP, Helmut Marko highlighted Sergio Perez’s advantage over Fernando Alonso, praising his remarkable morale and superb lap times. Although they expected Pérez to challenge Lando Norris, the Mexican driver faced difficulties due to accumulated rubber marbles, hindering his progress. This unfortunate residue prevented him from securing the second-place finish they had hoped for.

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