“He’s a fu**king idiot,” Pascal Wehrlein berates Nyck de Vries after being ‘shunted out’ of the season-ending Formula E race 

Nyck de Vries received some harsh words from Pascal Wehrlein after the former made a mistake and crashed into the latter going into Turn 1.

Nyck de Vries
Nyck de Vries
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Nyck de Vries was completely blasted by Pascal Wehrlein after his mistake led to the two of them colliding in the season ending race of Formula E. The latter felt that the move wasn’t on and it was completely Nyck’s fault. The Dutchman who is in the running for a seat with Mercedes powered Williams had a terrible end to the weekend as he was given two penalty points for his mistake leading to the collision.

At this point of his career, Nyck de Vries would like to be more careful. It’s been said time and again that Nyck has abundance in talents but he has not been able to maximize his potential because of the mistakes that he has committed. With Nicholas Latifi struggling to make any sort of impact with Williams, this is Nyck de Vries’ realistic chance to find his way into F1.

The Dutchman was seen driving for Williams and Mercedes in Spain and France. He looked pretty comfortable behind the F1 car in both those practice sessions. But, he needs to be wary of the fact that things change pretty quickly in this sport, which makes consistency the key to success. He would, therefore, like to learn from his mistake and try not to repeat it in the future.

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“I hope he doesn’t get to F1!”: Pascal Wehrlein after his collision with Nyck de Vries

Nyck De Vries in Hamilton's W13
Nyck De Vries in Hamilton’s W13

Pascal Wehrlein was definitely not impressed with his move and did have some harsh words for his F1 career as well. He said, “He’s a “f***ing idiot. I hope he doesn’t get to F1! It’s not the standard of this championship. I mean… these moves!”

“In the end my race was destroyed, his race was destroyed and he got two penalty points for it, licence points. It’s quite often the same drivers with over-motivated moves and unfortunately this time I was the victim of him.”

Nyck de Vries gave his opinion on the incident as well. He said, “When I activated attack mode and got up to the back of him, I kind of expected the same kind of approach to the race and he wanted to fight. I had already committed and obviously his right front touched my left rear. Ultimately that’s what resulted in the puncture.”

It was definitely an incident which could have been avoided and therefore the penalty awarded to him was definitely justified. Let’s see if this has an impact of Nyck de Vries’ entry into F1.

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