“I miss you everyday,” Charles Leclerc remembers his late father in emotional Father’s Day message

Charles Leclerc gets emotional after posting his emotional story with his father

Image in Charles Leclerc's post with his father
Image in Charles Leclerc's post with his father

Charles Leclerc recently posted a few nostalgic images over his social media accounts; images of his family, with his dad. International Fathers’ Day just passed the other day, and many F1 drivers, and almost everyone posted their family pictures with their fathers, wishing them and celebrating with them. But for Leclerc, the celebration only made him get emotional as he remembered his late father, Herve Leclerc. His father, like him, also raced cars back in the day, in Formula 3 during the 1980’s and 1990’s, but he did not achieve much success in the same, but he did help Charles achieve what he has today, what he could not see in person. 

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Herve Leclerc passed away at the age of 54 after a long illness in 2017. At that time, Charles himself raced in Formula 2, and was already a step ahead of his father in racing. The Monegasque said in his post that his dad always helped him to get him where he is today, he also said how he would always try to make everyone smile and keep them happy. 

“My father has done absolutely everything for me to get to where I am today. He was always doing everything to give everyone around a smile and to make our family happy.5 years you are gone and I miss you everyday. You were the best father I could have wished for, I love you,” read his post. 

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Fans cheer up Charles Leclerc on his post 

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc

The fans cheered Leclerc up by commenting the most positive words for him and his spirit. Just 4 days after Leclerc’s father passed away, he managed to win his F2 race, and there have been many more incidents that Leclerc has gone through and nothing has ever affected his spirit. Everyone cheered him up, most by saying that he has achieved what his father would have dreamt of, and he has made him proud. 

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