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“I’m not going to be nice anymore,” Romain Grosjean heavily criticized by rivals in IndyCar

IndyCar drivers seem to have many issues with Romain Grosjean upon his entry into the sport.

Romain Grosjean

Post Formula 1 retirement, Frenchman Romain Grosjean is not liked by many, especially after the race in Alabama.

Romain Grosjean ended his Formula 1 career after his horrific crash in the Bahrain GP in 2020, when he crashed into the wall in turn three of the first lap, and his Haas split into two, becoming a fireball. He was stuck in the chassis of the car for about 27 seconds. 

Post this incident, Grosjean suffered burns across his body, especially on the hands, after which he decided to retire from the sport. 

After recovering, Romain Grosjean decided to join IndyCar, the American motorsport with Andretti Autosport, after Coyne, the team owner, gave him a chance. “He (Coyne) gave me the opportunity of coming in IndyCar and race without even knowing if my left hand was able to hold a steering wheel or not,” Romain told ESPN

Romain had a wonderful start in the sport, where he secured pole positions and podiums in the third race, and his passion and experience of Formula 1 proved to be effective. 

However, being not the best driver in F1 as well, Grosjean seemed to have a little trouble in IndyCar, too. At the race in Alabama, on the fifteenth lap, he had some issues with his teammate, Colton Herta. Although he understood, yet Colton criticized Romain’s ways of defense. Later they seemed to have an understanding about the incident. 

Again, on lap 87, Romain and his Rival, Graham Rahal made contact, upon which Rahal reviewed to “not be mild.”

IndyCar drivers seem to have many issues with Romain Grosjean upon his entry into the sport.

Romain Grosjean in IndyCar

“We need to sit down for a little conversation and discuss what in hell is happening here. I think we should all get together, because I am not the only driver who is having this problem,” Rahal stated. From his statement, it seems somewhat clear that not one but many drivers are facing a lot of issues because of Romain Grosjean. “Rahal seems to be getting very worked up and makes some pithy statements,” quotes gpblog

Rahal also said that you cannot teach an old dog how to learn new tricks, talking about his older experiences. The rivalry is being closely observed by everyone, and it seems to catch some heat. 

Romain Grosjean stands 8th in the standings with 101 points, followed by Graham Rahal with 84 points. 

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