“It was good to be back in the car,” Alex Albon happy to finally get back in his FW44 after appendicitis scare

Alex Albon, the Williams F1 driver, after Friday's Practice sessions of the Singapore Grand Prix, has revealed that he is happy to be back.

Alex Albon
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Alex Albon was not able to take part in the Italian Grand Prix because of an Appendicitis problem, however, the Thai-British driver is back for round 17 of the 2022 F1 World Championship, and has indicated that he is happy after getting back to the grind.

Alex Albon took part in the recently concluded FP1 and FP2 sessions of the Singapore Grand Prix and put all rumors of him not being fit enough to take part in the event to bed.

Moreover, after the end of the two practice sessions, Albon talked about his outing and said, “It was good to be back in the car, I feel okay. We took it step by step, I did some long runs.”

Alex Albon has sounded extremely happy after finally getting back into his FW44, and has revealed that he did not experience too much trouble while going around the tight and twisty Marina Bay Circuit.

The 26-year-old has also pointed to the fact that he and the Williams F1 team took things step by step with him and as he started getting back in the rhythm of driving his livery, he did a few long runs as well.

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Alex Albon did a total of 45 laps for Williams during FP 1 and FP2

Alex Albon
Alex Albon

Alex Albon had a major scare in Monza that kept him out of the Italian Grand Prix, and when it was made public that he was going to take part in Friday practice, many people up and down the paddock were unsure as to how many laps Albon would be able to do in the humid conditions at the track.

While doubts were swirling ahead of the practice sessions, the former Red Bull driver got straight back to the grind and during his outing, did not complain about any discomfort.

Alex Albon
Alex Albon

Moreover, he was able to put in a respectable total of 45 laps for the Wantage-based Williams team during the two practice sessions.

Alex Albon deserves a lot of praise for making a quick recovery from his health-related issues, and considering he did not complain about any major problem during the sessions, the Williams starlet is all set to take part in the remaining two days of the Singapore adventure.

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