James Vowles claims there is ‘no desire to damage Frank Williams’ legacy’ by changing team name

Williams Racing has stuck to its identity under new owners Dorilton Capital amidst an era of rebranding in F1.

James Vowles claims there is ‘no desire to damage Frank Williams’ legacy’ by changing team name

James Vowles (via imago)

The 2024 F1 season has seen many changes within multiple teams. AlphaTauri got a complete rebranding of the team alongside Alfa Romeo, changing the team name to the Stake F1 team. However, amidst these changes, Williams’ principal James Vowles has declined to make any significant changes to Grove.


The Williams name has been in the sport since 1969. Frank Williams‘ leadership started the Frank Williams Racing Cars in 1969 before founding Williams GP Engineering in 1977. Even today, the Grove-based team continues to uphold the legacy of its late founder under new owners Dorilton Capital. Hence, James Vowles resonated with the founder’s feelings and emotions with the team and talked against bringing any changes.

Vowles highlighted that the Williams F1 team was one of the most important brands in the motorsport world and also the United Kingdom. Hence, the Briton denied bringing any changes to the team because it meant a lot. Additionally, Vowles wanted to continue Frank Williams’ legacy within the sport and respect his decisions back then.

I think it is one of the most important brands in motorsports and the United Kingdom. I have no desire to change it, nor does Dorilton, because it means a lot. Frank Williams and his legacy continue with us.
Vowles told autohebdo.com.

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James Vowles is in Williams to continue Frank William’s legacy

The Williams team boss made it clear that his primary goal in the team wasn’t to change the team according to his whims. Matter of fact, Vowles wanted to continue William’s legacy in the sport and not just replace the founder of the team. Hence, going ahead into the sport, Williams is unlikely to see any major changes to the team.

I wanted to reflect that I am not here to replace you, but to continue Williams' legacy,
James Vowles.
James Vowles (via IMAGO)

The drivers’ lineup for the team is also the same as in 2023 with Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant racing for the team. The team had displayed great results in the previous season with Sargeant scoring a point in his rookie season. Hence, the team is preparing for the challenges upcoming with the challenger already being revealed to the fans.

Williams has been in the sport for a very long time and is likely here to stay. Hence, Vowles looks forward to another season of great learning. There are no intentions to bring about any changes to the team, much like Ferrari and McLaren, who also refuse to bring about any major changes to the team in the sport.

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