“Marcus lottery numbers pls” – F1 world amazed by accuracy of Marcus Ericsson’s silly season predictions

Former F1 driver Marcus Ericsson's silly season predictions are turning out to be true and the fans can't get enough.

Marcus Ericsson
Marcus Ericsson

Former F1 and current Indycar driver, Marcus Ericsson had taken to Twitter on August 1 to share a very interesting prediction about the F1 silly season after Fernando Alonso announced that he would be leaving Alpine next season to occupy Sebastian Vettel’s vacant seat. This prediction spread like wildfire throughout the community and the fans were excited to see if it would be true.

So far most of Ericsson’s predictions have come true with Oscar Piastri replacing Daniel Ricciardo for McLaren next season. Plus a few other predictions that seem to be coming true due to new rumours that have surfaced. With the recent rumour of Gasly moving to Alpine to replace Fernando Alonso, Ericsson’s prediction chart has resurfaced yet again.

The fans are going crazy over the accuracy of Ericsson’s predictions and cannot believe that they are coming true. Ericsson recently took to Twitter to reignite his crazy predictions for the F1 silly season and the fans went berserk over this retweeting the post with some interesting comments.

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F1 twitter goes berserk over the accuracy of Marcus Ericsson’s predictions

Marcus Ericsson
Marcus Ericsson

Since the start of the F1 silly season, Ericsson has been an avid observer of the situation and has made a few predictions, most of which seem to be coming true as time passes. The accuracy of Ericsson’s predictions have made the fans go crazy and many have made interesting comments on this.

The fans have had a mixed reaction to the predictions made by Ericsson but no one can deny the fact that they are unbelievably accurate and it is possible that all his predictions might come true, sending the F1 community into an exciting spiral.

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