Mario Andretti claims F1 ‘cannot separate’ GM from Andretti Global

Rumors have surfaced that Formula 1 might be looking to convince General Motors to enter F1 without Andretti.

Mario Andretti claims F1 ‘cannot separate’ GM from Andretti Global

Mario Andretti (L) and Stefano Domenicali (R) (Via IMAGO)

FIA has accepted the appeal put forth by Andretti Global. The team Andretti-Cadillac is all set to join the F1 grid by 2026 [or when regulations change]. Mario Andretti has since commented on the new developments regarding the team’s arrival at the US GP held recently.

It was speculated that General Motors should enter the sport without partnering up with Andretti. Instead, F1 wants to convince the American giant to join forces with an existing team. Since GM is involved in the lead chassis development for the Andretti-Cadillac. Andretti said that Formula 1 will not be able to separate the two partners before entering the grid. Mario also added that this stint with the carmaker is the ‘last big project’ of his life.


“General Motors is involved in chassis development. Formula 1 will not be able to separate it from our project. This is the last big project of my life and I can’t wait to see it start ”

Mario Andretti told

Mario stated that GM enthusiastically involved itself in chassis development and that keeping GM with the Andretti was imperative for the project. This hinted that the Power unit production would be involved later, but not by 2025.

“GM has been enthusiastically involved in this project, is fully involved at all levels ”

Mark Reuss, the CEO of General Motors, had declared the collaboration of the two firms. The CEO did not rule out the possibility of the team potentially creating their Power units for the car later down the road. Reuss stated that the collaboration meant that the two ventures were involved in chassis development for the car.

Christian Horner wants Andretti to build their engines

Much like the other team leaders and racers who are opposing the arrival of Andretti, Christian Horner has decided to side with the team. The Red Bull team boss talked about the potential American battle between the Austrian team and Andretti [As Red Bull will run Ford engines by 2026].
Despite the fun battle between the two American giants, Horner raised funding concerns.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner (Credits: The Independent)

Horner quizzed the FIA and Liberty over the funding for the sport after involving 11 teams on the grid. He also talked about the arrival of Audi in 2026, saying how the team is acquiring Sauber and entering the sport. Horner asked Andretti to follow the same path and asked for a ‘collective decision’ by the Liberty and FIA.

It is finally the decision of FOM and FIA to decide the fate of Andretti in the sport. The team has put forward some promising and exciting upsides for the 11th team entering the grid. However, multiple people on the grid are against the decision and continually speak against the team joining the grid. The team, despite the backlash, continues to struggle and work towards an entry into the sport by 2027.

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