Miami Grand Prix track designer, Clive Bowen ‘Embarrassed’ by backlash from the Formula 1 drivers

Formula 1 drivers harsh feedback following the maiden Miami Grand Prix leaves the track designer, Clive Bowen disappointed.

Miami Grand Prix track

The fifth round of the Formula 1 2022 season was hosted in the United States. It was the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, which was added to the calendar in 2021 due to the growth in awareness about Formula 1 in the USA. The event was a spectacle to view off track as it witnessed appearances by various celebrities and also was the most viewed televised Grand Prix in the history of the sport.

However, the Miami Grand Prix received a lot criticism from the drivers on the grid. Prior to the event, no team or driver on the grid had any data or information about the on track pace of their car. After the three days of action, big Formula 1 names like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris openly defamed the Miami track. The Mclaren driver termed it as ‘Not on the level of Formula 1’, while the reigning world champion pointed out several flaws with the layout.

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“I think that the theory of the design was borne out in the reality of the race” Opines Miami Grand Prix track designer, Clive Bowen

After two months of development, a street circuit was born outside the infamous Hard Rock stadium. The surface presented fresh asphalt and was treated with various methods to increase grip. The Miami Grand Prix track designer, Clive Bowen expressed his views by saying “Actually, it was embarrassment on my part personally, because there’s a lot of time invested in getting this right. There’s professional pride involved, isn’t there?”

He compared the Miami track with other Formula 1 tracks by adding “It was the same at COTA, it was the same as Singapore, it was same at Istanbul when it was resurfaced. And so if you think of it from that perspective, it’s just a question of waiting for the track to mature. It’s a brand new piece of asphalt, and it needs to do its thing.”

Bowen further spoke about the tweaks made in the future to the Miami track by saying “Next year, we’ll start conditioning the track sooner with FOD BOSS, which is an electrostatic way of lifting debris off a circuit. So because it’s such an abrasive, rough surface, in fact all race tracks are, if you blow it, the little critters still sit in the valleys.” Despite the harsh remarks the Miami track received, it still delivered 45 on track overtakes, which remain the second-highest of the 2022 season. Thus, ensuring that with some alteration, this track can deliver more on track action for Formula 1.

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