“Mick started very weakly,” Ralf Schumacher provides honest assessment of his nephew’s future in Formula 1

Ralf Schumacher thinks that overall, his nephew Mick has done a 'decent job' even though the start of the season had been disappointing.

Mick Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher
Mick Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher
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Haas started the season very well – Kevin Magnussen was 5th, just behind Ferrari and Mercedes, and even Mick Schumacher was right on the edges of the points. But from the next race on, it didn’t go as well for the German. In Jeddah, he crashed during qualifying and could not start in the race.

The next race was rather disappointing for both drivers – With Schumacher finishing ahead of Kevin Magnussen in 13th and 14th. While in the next race Magnussen scored points both in the feature and sprint race – Schumacher did not, and his search for the elusive first point went on.

It was not until Silverstone that Haas and Mick Schumacher would get points in the season. Mick finished 8th after having battled with Max Verstappen for 7th while his teammate Magnussen was 10th. In the next race, Haas scored double points once again, with Schumacher finishing an impressive 6th and Magnussen in 8th. After a disappointing start, it seems Schumacher has not gotten to grips a bit more.

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Ralf Schumacher: “The main thing is for him [Mick] to have a decent seat in Formula 1”

Mick Schumacher
Ralf Schumacher thinks that his nephew Mick has done a ‘decent’ job.

While the first part of the season was disappointing for Schumacher – being beaten by a returning driver (even if the returning driver is much more experienced), he has certainly stepped it up in the second part of the season, but it also seems that the car has just not been good enough for either driver in these past two races.

As reported by Motorsport-Total, Schumacher’s uncle, former racing driver and Sky expert, Ralf hopes that Mick will stay in Formula 1 but concedes that he was rather disappointing in the first half of the season: “Well, I have to say, Mick obviously started very weakly. Mick started weakly when compared to Magnussen, you just have to see it that way but then found his way at the right time.”

Ralf thinks that Mick has improved very much in the more recent races, and did the best he could with the package he has been given: “I think he did a decent job. You couldn’t expect much more from that either. That’s why everything is on schedule. And no matter how: I mean, Haas is a team, where you can show yourself for the first time this year.”

He further added that the main aim is that he has a good seat in F1: “He’s already done that a few times and will continue to do so, hopefully with the update too. And if he has another opportunity where he can show himself, then fine, but the main thing is that he has a decent seat in Formula 1.”

Guenther Steiner is in no rush to extend Mick Schumacher’s contract and will be looking at more results this year before making a final decision. Ralf Schumacher says that it is generally around August and September when you start looking for drivers, and he believes Felipe Drugovich may be an interesting candidate.

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