‘Most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen’: Fans full of adoration over video of Alfa Romeo fan Goto’s visit to the paddock

‘Most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen’: Fans full of adoration over video of Alfa Romeo fan Goto’s visit to the paddock

Goto in the Alfa Romeo C42

In 2019, Alfa Romeo eventually finished the season in 8th position, the same place they had been as Sauber in 2018. So one young fan, by the name of Goto sent them an envelope, addressed to the team principal, Frederic Vasseur. The envelope contained €19, and the following words:

‘Dear Mr. Vasseur,


Hello, my name is Goto and I love the (team, presumably).’

‘Goto’ also expressed regret at not being able to send more money: “Sorry that I could not save more money for the improvement of the team.” The letter did not contain a surname, email or any contact details at all, and so, Alfa Romeo got on a mission, which they called ‘Finding Goto’.

3 years later, Goto visited the team at the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix, with team principal Frederic Vasseur showing him around. In the video, Vasseur said: “Goto is my friend. The team did the best to find him [and] now he’s with us this weekend. He’s my guest.” The video has been met with elation and ‘Awws’ to say the least.


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The floor edges of the Alfa Romeo C42: ‘Thank you Goto’

Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur on Red Bull
Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur

The young fan, Goto also sat in the car, and the floor edges featured the words: “Thank you Goto” in Japanese. It’s a very adorable video, and fans agree. The mission itself was quite commendable and adorable enough, and to invite him to the paddock, and then feature the words on the floor edge is just the cherry on top.

One fan called Goto the ‘purest soul’ but also forgot that the translation for the words in Japanese was right there in the video.


There have been quite a few discussions around Red Bull’s budget cap breach recently. It is ‘a minor overspend breach’ but no one knows how minor. Rumours suggest it to be somewhere in the region of 1-2 million dollars, but some rumours also suggest it was spent on things such as…catering. Which Twitter has had a field day with. They didn’t spare this tweet either.

If only.

This weekend is sure to live in Goto’s memory for a long time, as well as in the fans’ own memories. But for the team itself…this weekend surely wasn’t ideal. They have only scored one point since both drivers retired in Great Britain, and now could be under pressure from Aston Martin, who are currently 7 points behind.


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