Nicholas Latifi admits a lack of “Confidence and trust” in his Williams challenger

The Canadian driver, Nicholas Latifi reveals his confidence levels in Formula 1 behind the wheel of his 2022 Williams car.

Nicholas Latifi

The Formula 1 2022 cars are a different breed than what all the drivers are experienced in. The modern cars are domineered by the ground effect and have new factors such as the 18 inch tyres and a new fuel. This has translated into a learning curve at the start of the season for each driver on the grid. One of the two drivers who remain to score a point in this new era is the Williams driver, Nicholas Latifi.

The Canadian has had a rough start to his new campaign. He has managed to cause numerous crashes and has been out scored by his team mate. Alex Albon, the new face at Williams has scored 3 world championship points and sits in P15 in the drivers championship. The Thai licensed driver managed to grab points at Melbourne and Miami. This has piled on the problems of Latifi who currently views himself in P21 in the drivers standing.

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Nicholas Latifi string of poor results can cost him his Williams seat

The 2020 season viewed the departure of Robert Kubica from the Williams and was replaced by Nicholas Latifi. The Canadian scored his maiden points for the team in 2021, where he finished P17 in the standings with 7 points to his name. The driver assessed his season by saying “It’s been clear that the performance has not been where I wanted it to be. I think after Imola I explained quite a lot in detail just the issues with the kind of the feeling of confidence and trust in the car, which is obviously very important to have with these cars.”

He further added “But it’s just been tricky from the start. It’s clear as a team, we’re not where we want to be. We’re obviously lacking for sure some overall downforce, struggling with the balance as well. I guess combined with some of the new characteristics of these cars compared to the previous years’ cars just yet not getting that feeling of gelling with the car the way the way you need to so yeah, that’s the reasons really.”

The Canadian is in his last year of contract with the team. The chatter around the paddock has being significant about Latifi losing out his Williams seat to another driver mid season. However, with a prospect of 18 races yet to come, Nicholas Latifi remains ambitious to turn his season around by getting to grip with his FW44.

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