Pirelli explains why F1 overlooked Bridgestone to give them a new supplier contract

Pirelli ousted Bridgestone to become the sole supplier of tires for Formula 1.

Pirelli explains why F1 overlooked Bridgestone to give them a new supplier contract

Pirelli and F1 contract. (Image via IMAGO)

The Italian tire manufacturer, Pirelli, explained why they won the F1’s contract to become the sole tire supplier in front of Bridgestone. Pirelli has been a constant tire supplier for F1 since 2011 and even has a shared history from the 1950s. Now, the Italian tire manufacturer enjoys a partnership with F1 until the end of 2027 with an option to extend in 2028.


Pirelli believes they got the contract because of the supplier’s high technology and shared mindset of achieving the Net Zero 2030 goal. Pirelli has been constantly evolving as per Formula 1’s needs. However, development is not only the main focus of the Italian company. The ever-growing market in the United States is a major factor for the company to invest in the sport.

In an interview with Autosport, the executive vice president of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, said, “Thanks to F1, thanks to the FIA, thanks to the collaboration with the teams, I believe we are part of an evolution of F1,” he added. “When we returned in 2011 the cars were different and there were fewer circuits. The evolution of the products continues to be our task. F1 racing is part of Pirelli’s DNA.”

Tronchetti Provera also pondered upon the marketing ideas of Pirelli in the US, saying, “This media exposure of F1 in the USA is also involving the younger generations, which is new,” he added. “Now we see that the new generation and I have grandchildren aged 13, 14, and 15, he wants to go and see F1″, says Tronchetti Provera.”


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F1’s reasoning for choosing Pirelli over Bridgestone as their sole tire supplier

F1’s CEO Stefano Domenicali spoke about its decision to choose Pirelli over Bridgestone. They believe Pirelli has provided great evolutions, and fulfilled many demands on the cars, drivers, and circuits. They have fully worked out every presented challenge according to the F1 boss.

Stefano Domenicali
Stefano Domenicali (via Autosport)

Domenicali, speaking with Autosport, expressed that FIA and F1 had selected the ideal partner to advance the sport. He emphasized that Pirelli had proven to be a strong and dependable collaborator, influencing significant moments in F1 since their return. Pirelli will continue to serve F1 until the end of 2027. They also have the option to extend their contract further for the following year 2028.

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