Porsche registers new trademark, hinting at imminent F1 entry

'F1nally' opens up newer speculations about the company's entry.

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The speculations about Porsche entering F1 from the 2026 season have been around for a while now, and the deal has become almost certain. With the talks revolving around Red Bull, there are decent chances that the company will enter as an engine supplier rather than a completely new team, and would firstly make a deal with Red Bull which would allow them to use their engine; the team has been using other engines for a while now, with the latest one being Honda in 2021, but as of the 2022 season, they have managed to develop their own engine. 

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Recently, according to sources, the company registered a new trademark; F1nally, which is a massive hint towards the team’s entry into the sport. This was done at the German Patent & Trademark office, and the application for the same was signed on 10th of August. 

It is not uncommon in the sport to have new teams being announced, but as it was mentioned, the German company would be an engine supplier, primarily to Red Bull, as it seems as of now. 

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Could Porsche take over Red Bull?

Red Bull and Porsche
Red Bull and Porsche

Only a few weeks back, a piece of information came out stating that the German company had bought 50% of Red Bull technology’s stake. According to some people (Matt Gallagher from WTF1), it could mean that the team could be taken over completely by Porsche. 

By 2026, Audi is also expected to make their entry into the sport, not as an engine supplier, but as a team. This could mean that there would be 11 teams and 22 cars on the grid, which shouldn’t be a surprise because there used to be 24 cars on the grid in 1976), or one of the teams could get rebranded, like it happened with Renault in 2021. However, there are no official statements regarding it. 

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