Red Bull rumored to lose Technical Director Peter Waché to Ferrari as the key personnel’s close friend switches squads

Staff poaching has started and this time it's Ferrari who's at the receiving end.

Red Bull rumored to lose Technical Director Peter Waché to Ferrari as the key personnel’s close friend switches squads

Rumors are swirling that Fred Vasseur tried to get Pierre Waché to join Ferrari through Serra — and apparently, Vasseur is still trying to get him to join Ferrari, but Red Bull believes that Waché will stay! Red Bull Racing is facing the possible loss of Peter Waché, its Technical Director, in an unexpected change of circumstances.


As his close friend switches to the Italian team, rumors are circulating that Waché would swap teams and join Ferrari. The possibility of Waché’s exit has sparked debate among fans of Formula One and questions about how it would affect Red Bull’s success at the recent and forthcoming Grand Prix races.

Waché has been a key player in Red Bull’s technical division, contributing significantly to the growth and success of the team. Red Bull fans are now concerned about his prospective move to Ferrari because his knowledge and skills have been essential to the team’s achievement in previous seasons.

Waché’s tight relationship with fellow Ferrari staff may also add fuel to rumours about the causes of his rumored transfer. Both fans and journalists are closely monitoring how, if this transition occurs, it can change the balance surrounding the two teams and what they do on the track.


Each tactical decision and staff movement can have a significant impact on a team’s potential to win races and titles in the intensely competitive sport of Formula One. Red Bull’s engineering strategy and growth operations might be affected by Waché’s departure as a major Technical Director, which could have an impact on how they perform in Grand Prix races.

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Red Bull recently lost key personnel Rob Marshall to McLaren’s poaching

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Rob Marshall (via Twitter)

Red Bull is the fastest team on the grid, every other team on the grid would like to have its staff in their team. Thus offering huge wages and better roles would do the trick for several teams. McLaren recently revealed that Rob Marshall, currently serving as Red Bull’s chief engineering officer, will be joining their team at the beginning of the 2024 season. To be competitive the teams have to cut throats of their opponents on and off the track. It’s something Red Bull might have been familiar with.

Fans are excited about how this would change Ferrari as the 2026 power unit regulations come into play along with new Engineers. Certainly, this would make a difference for both Red Bull and Ferrari. It’s something both the teams have gotten used to in the past. From losing drivers to losing team engineers.


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