Sergio Perez is the Driver of the Day, was he really worth it?

Sergio Perez was voted as the Driver of the day after getting his fourth win under the night sky of Singapore.

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez (Images through IMAGO / HOCH ZWEI)

Sergio Perez won the Singapore GP taking the chequered flag for the fourth time in his career. Perez battled Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari till the end of the line with problems all around his engine. Sergio probably had his best race under the night sky of Singapore and was awarded equally for it too. Though he isn’t really nearby to anything in the championship, Sergio still managed a win after a lot of struggles in the last few races.

Singapore GP started off in rainy weather with wet tracks all around. As expected, Drivers started off their race with interns. Sergio started his race at P2 after losing out on the pole by 0.02 seconds. The margin itself was clear enough to prove the point of an equal-paced car for both Red Bull and Ferrari. What benefited Perez was a better start ahead of Leclerc, taking the lead of the race by turn 1.

Sergio then didn’t really look back and created a gap that was never covered by Leclerc. Though in the final laps of the race, Sergio struggled a bit with his engine not providing him sufficient power, Perez anyhow managed to keep a faster Charles behind him and ultimately won the race by a 7-second margin. It is surely uncertain for Perez’s P1 position after a safety car in fragment got the Mexican under investigation. But as the race went, Sergio was very fast and was barely touchable by any of the drivers behind him earning him the Driver of the Day notification.

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Fans react to Sergio Perez being the driver of the day

Sergio Perez (Images through IMAGO / Eibner)
Sergio Perez (Images through IMAGO / Eibner)

As the race went ahead, the GP didn’t really provide us with a wheel-to-wheel fight or a proper racing event to cheer us up. Though it did have a lot of DNFs causing chaos once in a while, Sergio’s P1 didn’t even flinch once he got it in turn 1. Fans did react to Perez’s DOTD title as a positive one, people do suspect the Mexican to be affected by a penalty.

Sergio Perez got himself near to Charles Leclerc in the driver’s championship with a gap of only 2 points to the Ferrari driver. Though Max is still way ahead of the rest of the grid, Sergio postponed his teammate’s plan to get hold of his second title to Japan as of now.

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