“Very difficult to drive,” Sebastian Vettel frustrated after disastrous qualifying session

Sebastian Vettel is heading into the race with a positive mindset.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel had many mixed feelings on Saturday after FP3 and the qualifying session. The weather and the treacherous driving conditions brought many backmarkers to the front of the grid, and in amusement, Sebastian Vettel hung around P1 and P2 for a very long time during FP3. Just like 2012, Sebastian Vettel and Fernanado Alonso were seen battling for P1 during FP3, setting out blistering laps, leaving the Red Bulls, Ferraris, and Mercedes well behind. Watching this, fans had a lot of hopes for Vettel to be in a good qualifying position and maybe even score a podium. But tragedy struck for both the Aston Martins during qualifying. 

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Vettel went out for his qualifying lap, and pushed as hard as he could, but to everyone’s surprise, the pace the Aston Martins had had disappeared. Both the cars struggled and could not make it out of Q1, a huge disappointment for the German, and also for Lance Stroll as it is his home Grand Prix. Vettel was frustrated and complained about the car not being the same as it was in FP3 in Q1. 

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Sebastian Vettel optimistic about the race

Sebastian Vettel's AMR22 after crash at the Australian GP
Sebastian Vettel’s AMR22 after crash at the Australian GP

Even though the qualifying was not how he expected it to be, Vettel is much confident about the race, stating that if the team can find where they went wrong during qualifying and get back the FP3 pace, they could end up in points. 

“I had very low grip and, I mean, given how the car felt, it wasn’t a surprise we were that slow. But obviously we didn’t change anything from this morning. Not much, and it was shocking. PlanetF1 quoted Vettel. 

“So, very difficult to drive. A lot of sliding, very poor rear. So we need to have a look, something clearly didn’t work.”

As we move further, Sebastian Vettel stands 14th with 13 points in his bag, and the team has 15 points overall, 2 other from Lance Stroll, and they stand 9th, tied up with Haas. 

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