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The Belgian Grand Prix may not return to the calendar in 2023

The future of the Belgian Grand Prix is uncertain, and the event may be axed for 2023.

The future of the Belgian Grand Prix is uncertain, and the event may be axed for 2023.

The future of the Belgian Grand Prix has been in doubt before. The contract expires this year, and currently, there is no extension in sight. Moreover, while the Formula 1 calendar is expected to expand next year, there is no indication if historical races like Spa and Monaco will be part of that calendar.


Drivers have spoken out regarding this. Max Verstappen said that he wants Spa and Monaco to stay on the calendar ‘forever’, while Lando Norris also feels that Monaco should stay. But it might not be possible. Next year, there will be a new street race in Las Vegas, and the Qatar Grand Prix will also return – albeit on a different track.

Recently, Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of the Formula 1 group, was also in South Africa to negotiate the return of the Kyalami track, situated in Johannesburg. The current limit of Grands Prix in a year is set at 24, but that may expand to accommodate the numerous races. It is in fact very possible that Formula 1 will not return to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps next year.


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The circuit could become part of a rotation system

The Belgian Grand Prix

Albert Fabrega, who works as an analyst at DAZN has also said that Spa may not be a part of the Formula 1 calendar next year. There are many reasons for this, of course, with probability and unpredictability of the races being among them. But this does not mean the Spa will never return to the Formula 1 calendar.

According to Fabrega, the race could be part of the calendar on a rotation basis.

Instead of official Formula 1 running, Fabrega says that there might be other races at the track, with rookies. This is an eclectic proposal and has certainly drawn mixed reactions from the fans. To some, it represents a dangerous trend of ‘classic’ races being replaced by more ‘profitable’ tracks: Germany has already moved out of the calendar, and there is also the possibility of Monaco moving out along with Belgium.

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