“Those who complain should stay at home,” David Coulthard berates F1 drivers and teams uncomfortable with ‘porpoising’

David Coulthard gets frustrated after repeated complaints about porpoising

David Coulthard frustrated after drivers complain about porpoising
David Coulthard frustrated after drivers complain about porpoising

Porpoising is a major problem being faced by F1 in the 2022 season with new regulations and cars, this comes after the return of the ground effect in cars and change in aerodynamics for the cars to battle closely, but most of the teams haven’t been able to cope with this, and they are suffering from brutal bouncing of the car. It has affected Mercedes the worst, which has made them underperform; only 5 podiums until now, and P3 has been the best finish. At the same time, Red Bull are not even slightly affected by this. 

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David Coulthard, former F1 driver, had his take on the issue. Recently, FIA released a new technical directive for teams who are suffering from the issue, and many teams protested against it, even Mercedes, who were campaigning around the FIA to change the rules for so long. Though teams did not suffer much at the race in Canada, they still have been protesting for the same. Coulthard stated that it is all about interpreting the rules in the right way and gave example of Adrian Newey, who is the current Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull, he stated how he always understood the rules in the right way.

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Coulthard frustrated by drivers after complaining about porpoising. 

Mercedes suffering from porpoising
Mercedes suffering from porpoising

The thing that Coulthard is most frustrated by is the drivers’ continuous complaints about the physical pain their body is in due to the bouncing. He also said earlier that drivers who feel too much pain should sit at home instead of racing. “If a pilot feels uncomfortable, or expects to do long-term harm, step aside – said Coulthard – there are many boys and girls who would be very happy to get into your car if you feel uncomfortable. In this sport there are no mattresses,” his statement read, as quoted by Pledge Times

Other team officials have also stated that F1 is not about the comfort, with one of the known ones being that F1 cars are not Rolls Royce, and that pain is a part of it. 

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