Toto Wolff refuses to ‘criticize’ Christian Horner over Red Bulls’ inappropriate behavior investigation

A final decision regarding Christian Horner's inappropriate behavior investigation is expected soon.

Toto Wolff refuses to ‘criticize’ Christian Horner over Red Bulls’ inappropriate behavior investigation

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner (Via IMAGO)

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner have a well-known reputation in F1 for being at each other’s throats during a full-fledged season. Over the years they have mercilessly bashed each other but with the ongoing investigation into Horner, Wolff is looking to play things down.

Toto Wolff was recently asked to share his opinion on the inappropriate behavior investigation into Christian Horner. However, to the surprise of many, he was not willing to throw any dirt or comment on his fellow team principles situation.

When Wolff was stressed on the topic by Telegraaf, he said, as reported by FormulaPassion:

I don't want to criticize Christian now. There are already enough people who do this and the family in particular finds itself in an unenviable situation – He declared – for fifteen days we have been talking about nothing but this affair. F1 has a reputation problem, because we are a sport where mostly men are in management positions and in the cars, and we want to do more.

Looking at the reaction of the Austrian, it is quite clear that he is not going to comment on Horner’s situation until a decision regarding it is made. Moreover, he has also indicated that to grow F1 in the right direction, the sport needs more women representation.

Christian Horner’s position at Red Bull is under massive threat

While Toto Wolff has made it known that he will not comment on the Christian Horner situation, it is believed that the latter’s position as Red Bull’s team principal is under massive threat. As per Finnish journalist, Mervi Kallio, who is the face of ViaPlay’s F1 show, the Brit’s potential sacking is just a matter of time.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner (Via: IMAGO)

Moreover, it has recently come to light that the independent barrister who was hired by Red Bull GmbH, has completed his investigation and has submitted the report to the Austrian outfit’s board of directors. An announcement to put the whole Horner fiasco to bed is expected in the next few hours.

Under Christian Horner’s leadership, the Red Bull F1 team has so far amassed 113 race victories, 264 podiums, 7248 points and has also managed to amass an impressive seven drivers’ world championships. If he gets shown the exit door, it will not be an easy task for the decision-makers to replace him.

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