“Alfa Romeo simulator quite a difference to the one at Mercedes” : Valtteri Bottas

The Finnish driver, Valtteri Bottas points out the differences between the Formula 1 simulator at Alfa Romeo and Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas

In the world of Formula 1, experience is an invaluable asset that every team on the grid values. This experience helps the team grow and move forward to their ambitions of winning races in the pinnacle of motorsport. Ahead of the season, Alfa Romeo signed one of most experiences drivers on the grid, Valtteri Bottas. The driver jumped ship from Mercedes and signed a multi-year deal with the Zurich based team.

The Fin has been racing in Formula 1 for 9 years, having made his debut in 2013 with the Williams. Winning the 5 constructor championships alongside Lewis Hamilton has been the highlight of his career so far. Valtteri Bottas came to Alfa Romeo with all the knowledge and wisdom he gained from the German racing stable and applied it in his new team to help them make a leap forward.

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Valtteri Bottas praises Alfa Romeo for rapid progress

The simulators are an essential tool in the sport for the drivers to understand the track prior to a Grand Prix. It also helps them determine the best setup for the track and comprehend the data they achiever from it. Valtteri Bottas elaborated on this by saying “Nowadays, of course, the simulators are hugely important with a lack of testing and as the technology improves, you can get more and more out of it”

He further added “The first time I tried the Alfa Sauber simulator, I could feel that there was quite a difference to the one at Mercedes because Mercedes started a long, long time ago and our team, we only started a few years ago. From the first time I tried it versus what it is now it’s already hugely improved and it has been already this year, especially the last couple of events, a really useful tool to kind of support the race weekend.”

The Fin has had a solid start to his 2022 campaign. Currently, he stands 8th in the drivers championship with a tally of 35 points. Bottas pairs up with a rookie, Guanyu Zhou this season. This makes the experience of the former Mercedes driver even more valuable, in a year where car development is fundamental.

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