WATCH: Rajah Caruth reveals the most obscure thing he had to Autograph

The 21-year-old took the chequered flag at the Las Vegas race last week.

WATCH: Rajah Caruth reveals the most obscure thing he had to Autograph

Rajah Caruth (Credits: USA Today)

Last week in NASCAR Truck Series race Rajah Caruth became only the third black driver in the sport’s history to claim a win. Even before his historic achievements, Caruth was a famous face in the garage and among fans. His dedication and work ethic made him a fan favorite. Recently, in a podcast, the 21-year-old revealed a bizarre incident where he had to give an autograph to his fan.

Due to his popularity, the Las Vegas winner is considered friendly among fans. Thus, Caruth would have signed a couple of obscure autographs over his racing years. Caruth revealed the most obscure thing he has signed ever, in a DBC podcast while talking about his Vegas win and many other incidents from his career. The incident occurred at Pocono where he signed a beer flab of a fan.

Well, at Pocono a couple of years ago, I signed somebody's like beer flab. Yeah, so that was kind of crazy.
Rajah Caruth said via Door bumper Clear podcast(H&T: Dirty Mo Media)

Caruth elaborated that the most obscure thing that he ever gave his assent on was a beer flab. Moreover, this seemed quite funny to the 21-year-old and how bizarre it was, and the rest of the members in the podcast agreed. However, after his win in the Sin City, the Spire Motorsports driver would be looking to reduce his points deficit, and bid for the title this year.

Rajah Caruth states that it is business as usual

After winning the race last week, celebrations across the nation started. However, after the celebrations were over, Caruth is now entirely focused on performing in the next round in Tennessee. Caruth revealed his mantra of success in the same podcast.

Rajah Caruth (Via IMAGO)
Rajah Caruth (Via IMAGO)
You just got to do the work. Do the little things, show up early, be there late, and then just pay attention. Look at the other guys and girls that have made it to where you want to go because I don't think it applies just to racing and just care. Anybody can do this stuff, like, there's nothing special about me. I just got very fortunate with timing.
Rajah Caruth said via Door bumper Clear podcast.

The 21-year-old stated that his determination is the key to his success. Moreover, even after receiving praise from several drivers for his masterclass at Vegas, the D4D graduate is focused on giving his best and taking the chances that are presented in front of him.

On the contrary, the race at Bristol Motor Speedway is a week away still. The 21-year-old will have the time to prepare for the race and is anticipated to give a tough fight to the championship leader Tyler Ankrum.

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