“Wet tires, nobody needs them,” Fans fire shots at the FIA after another race gets delayed due to rain

Fans fumed over another race being delayed due to rain even though the sport has a special tyre compound dedicated to the condition.

Sergio Perez celebrating his win in Singapore (Images through IMAGO / Motorsport Images)
Sergio Perez celebrating his win in Singapore (Images through IMAGO / Motorsport Images)

Wet races have been a serious topic to talk about since last season. Singaporean GP returned to the best possible form for the first time since 2019. Fans were excited to have the Eastern night race back on the calendar just to wait for the main race to start 1 hour delayed than the scheduled time. This triggered a lot of fans firing shots at FIA about their deal with the two wet tyres being useless to the sport.

Formula 1 has two different types of wet tyre compounds dedicated to the wet day if any throughout the weekend. One is Interns that aren’t really much of a waster cleaner from the track but with the lines on the compound, it does the work of providing the grip the drivers need. Another one is full Wet tyres which are mainly used for heavy rain to wash out the water from the track and help the car with the maximum grip.

Though none of it matters to the FIA as the board only decides to get their heads back whenever it rains. Spa 2021 being the centre of the mess, Belgium 2021 got cancelled due to heavy rain which was an issue that was being reconsidered by the fans for the first time. Anyway, it only got continued with delayed races and no official use of wet tyres by the drivers.

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Fans react to ‘Useless’ wet tyres after the delay in Singapore

Zhou Guanyu
Zhou Guanyu with Interns.

Fans were very upset about the delay in the race and fired their shots at the FIA for their concerns about the safety of the drivers. Fans weren’t really keen about the reasons for the delay but mainly concerned about the use of Wet compounds in the sport.

Sergio Perez won the Singaporean GP after an amazing start to his race in wets. Charles Leclerc only managed a P2 with his teammate on P3 first time after Miami 2022. Max Verstappen couldn’t win the championship in Singapore but will definitely fight his way back to the top in Japan.

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