Otmar Szafnauer Net Worth, F1 Salary, Wife and more

Otmar Szafnauer was one of the most-respected F1 team leader ever.

Otmar Szafnauer Net Worth, F1 Salary, Wife and more

Former Alpine Team Principal, Otmar Szafnauer and Pierre Gasly (Credits: @BoxutcaF1/Twitter)

Name Otmar Szafnauer
Net Worth$5 Million
Formula 1 Salary$1 Million
Marital StatusMarried
ResidenceUnited Kingdom

Otmar Szafnauer is the ex-Alpine F1 Team Principal. Otmar joined Alpine before the start of the 2022 F1 season. Szafnauer led the Aston Martin team in F1 under its various guises from 2009 to 2022. The Romanian American is respected by the entire F1 paddock. Most notably, for the immense success of Force India in the sport. Wherein, Otmar managed to get the most out of a financially constrained outfit.


Szafnauer has had a long and successful career. The Romanian American has been in F1 for over two decades. Hence, Otmar has built a respectable fortune during this time. Otmar Szafnauer is estimated to have a net worth of almost $5 Million in 2024. This figure is disputed by some sources, but it is widely believed to be in this ballpark.

Szafnauer started out his career at the Ford Motor Company in 1986. It was at the American giant that Otmar began his own racing career in Formula Ford in 1991. Although, the 58-year-old’s F1 journey began in 1998 when he joined British American Racing as Operations Director. Szafnauer rose the ranks at the Honda F1 team, till the Japanese giant pulled out of the sport in 2008. Almost a year later, Otmar joined Force India.

The Romanian-American is one of the key pillars of the amazing story of Force India. The Silverstone-based team punched way above its weight in Formula 1, providing setbacks to teams with much larger budgets. However, Otmar was unable to work on the same level after Lawrence Stroll’s acquisition of the team. Thus, Szafnauer switched to Renault’s works team. Presently, the 58-year-old aims to lead the French team to championship victories.


Otmar Szafnauer F1 Salary

F1 Team Principals are one of the most highly-paid personnel in the paddock. Consequently, it is no surprise that Otmar gets a seven-figure paycheck every year. Szafnauer reportedly earns $1 Million for each season at the Alpine F1 team.

Szafnauer left the Silverstone-based team after alleged disagreements with Lawrence Stroll

Otmar Szafnauer Endorsements

Szafnauer is one of the highest-ranking individuals in F1. Hence, Otmar could be a potential target for multiple brands for the ideal brand ambassador. Unfortunately, no information about such deals is available online. Thus, for now, it is speculated that the ex-Alpine F1 team boss does not have any endorsements. However, going forward things can change for the better as is the case with Formula 1.

Otmar Szafnauer Wife

Otmar is married to Rebecca Szafnauer. The couple has had a loving marriage for several years. The pair has three kids. A son named Fin, who is a skilled golfer, besides two daughters, namely Olivia and Clara. The Szafnauer family certainly is filled with joy. But, there are hardly any details available about them. The media, of course, does respect the privacy of Otmar and his endearing family.

The Szafnauer couple lives a great life together

Otmar Szafnauer Charity

Szafnauer is one of the few personalities who use their abilities to help the world. The Romanian American runs a fundraising page at JustGiving. Otmar uses this platform for donations, which go to the NSPCC. NSPCC is working towards bringing a stop to child abuse in the United Kingdom. Apart from that, Szafnauer also helps individuals and organisations in need through such endeavors.


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