Red Bull confirms design wizard Adrian Newey’s exit in 2025

Adrian Newey has been playing a pivotal role at Red Bull since 2006.

Red Bull confirms design wizard Adrian Newey’s exit in 2025

Adrian Newey and Christian Horner (Via: Imago)

After spending 19 years with Red Bull racing, Adrian Newey is set to part ways with the team early on in 2025. Just a short while back, the team made an official announcement on their website regarding the same. 

A number of constructor’s championships have been won by the team thanks to the chief technical officer’s creations. Red Bull is now the grid’s most dominant team thanks to his designs for RB19 and RB20. Newey had left much up for interpretation regarding his departure after the speculations had hit the ground the first time. 

In their official statement, Red Bull Racing had the following to say.

Oracle Red Bull Racing today announces that Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey will leave the Red Bull Technology Group in the first quarter of 2025. The engineering supremo will step back from Formula One design duties to focus on final development and delivery of Red Bull’s first hypercar, the hugely anticipated RB17.
Official statement by Oracle Red Bull Racing

Newey would be stepping away from F1 till Red Bulls’ RB17 Hypercar project isn’t complete. The chief technical officer had a huge hand in the team’s success, however, while seeking the perfect opportunity, he decided to explore and work on Red Bull’s first-ever hypercar. The team wishes him the best. 

F1 Pundit claims Adrian Newey ‘will be’ with Red Bull during the Miami GP

Red Bull’s success can be largely attributed to Adrian Newey. But in the past few weeks, there have been rumors that he might leave Red Bull since the chief technical officer has received incredible offers from rival teams. The possibility has now become a reality amidst all the turmoil. Despite everything that’s been going on, according to F1 pundit Craig Slater, Newey will be present with Red Bull during the Miami GP.

Adrian Newey
Adrian Newey (Via IMAGO)

While talking about the same he added the following.

Adrian (Newey) will be here working with Red Bull this weekend, and I don't believe there will be a sudden departure for him.... I can also say that Newey will travel to the Grand Prix with Christian Horner.
Craig Slater said: Sky Sports F1

Previously Newey had addressed the speculations, however, he had left the room open for various possibilities. As the news of him parting ways with the team officially came out, many wondered whether he would be seen with the team during this week’s event. However, with Slater’s reveal, all the speculation has been put to bed.

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