How much does an F2 car cost? 

F2 is the breeding ground for young and skilled junior drivers aspiring to race in Formula 1.

How much does an F2 car cost? 

New generation F2 car (credits: F1)

The FIA Formula 2 Championship is one of the world’s most prominent racing series, providing a breeding ground for young and skilled junior drivers aspiring to race in Formula One. The F1 feeder series was formed in 2017 and replaced its predecessor, the GP2 series. Charles Leclerc and George Russell are the most accomplished F1 drivers who have won the F2 championships. 


One of the primary aims of the motorsport racing series is to give F2 teams economical racing. It makes it a suitable training ground for the top-tier premier racing league. To do this, all teams must employ the same chassis, engine, and tyre supplier, guaranteeing that the F2 driver’s talent is the most important element in race outcomes. So how much does an F2 car cost, and what do its parts consist of?

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How much does F2 Chassis cost?

The F2 cars now employ a Dallara Automobili-designed chassis from 2018. An F2 car is estimated to cost up to €500,000, including wheels, wings, steering wheel, and other components but not the engine. The F2 chassis is made of carbon/aluminum honeycomb, while the bodywork is made of carbon aramid honeycomb. The front wings are somewhat broader than in prior years, while the rear wing is bigger and lower.


How much does the F2 Power unit cost?

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Hewland supplies the gearbox, which is an 8-position barrel with a ratchet body and a transverse shaft mounting method for enhanced gear selection. The 2019 F2 gearbox is a 6-speed semi-automatic with electronically controlled paddle shifters and a reverse button on the steering wheel.

According to Formula 2 regulations, the engines could not cost more than €70,000 and could only be revved to 10,000 rpm. The turbocharged engine has a maximum power output of 612 HP and a weight of 148 kg. ZF Sachs supplies the clutches for all FIA Formula 2 Championship vehicles, with the multi-plate clutch actuated by a hand-paddle lever.

How Much does F2 Suspension cost?

F2 Race

All FIA Formula 2 Championship vehicles use pushrod-operated upper and lower steel wishbones, as well as twin Koni dampers with torsion bars suspension (front) and spring suspension (rear), comparable to Formula One car suspension.

How much do F2 Tyres cost?

Pirelli, who is the F1 tyre supplier, serves as the solitary tyre provider for the racing teams. The 13-inch tyres used are, front tyres measuring 245/660-R13 and rear tyres measuring 325/660-R13. einsteineruploading up to get together with (intermediate and wet).


How much does F2 Fuel Tank cost?

The current Dallara F2 2018 FIA Formula 2 Championship car’s fuel tank is an FIA standard Premier FT5 tank with a capacity of up to 125 litres.

The cost of an F2 vehicle may be estimated at up to €500,000, including numerous components such as the chassis, gearbox, clutch, suspension, and tyres. It can soar to more than a million with the usage of electronics and other components. The adoption of standardized components is intended to make racing more economical for teams while also providing a level playing field for drivers by focusing on driver talent rather than car performance

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