Famous football analyst feels Michael Carrick has made a ‘foolhardy’ decision in leaving Manchester United

Michael Carrick ended his terms with the Red Devils after a 15-year spell at the club.

Michael Carrick

After the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, another former club legend Michael Carrick was appointed as the interim manager of Manchester United. The 40-year old was the assistant coach during Ole’s reign and it was only logical that he was handed the charge of the team until the management was able to find a suitable successor for the Norwegian.

The Red Devils have finally got their new manager in Ralf Rangnick and thus Michael Carrick stepped down from his position and left the club at his own will two days ago. However, a big chunk of the fans believe that it was ‘foolish’ of the Englishman to leave the club so abruptly and that he would have been better off staying as the assistant coach. Former Crystal Palace owner turned football analyst Simon Jordan has added to that opinion in Talksports’ latest podcast.

In the 3 matches that Michael Carrick managed the team during his short lived tenure, he was undefeated with two big wins against Villarreal in the Champions League and against Arsenal in the Premier League. The match that he drew was against table toppers Chelsea. In the podcast, Simon Jordan argued why Carrick made a ‘foolhardy’ decision by leaving the club as he would have grown a lot more as a coach at Old Trafford.

What Simon Jordan said about Michael Carrick’s departure

Michael Carrick as manager
Michael Carrick

He said, “I think every experience, well the sum of your experiences and obviously a guy coming in that is considered to be someone managing Manchester United for a period of time, is someone you can learn from. Someone with his reputation – whether his deeds match up to his reputation is a different discussion – but with the reputation and the regard that he’s held in by some of the peers in the Premier League, of course, the challenge for me is that I also believe there’s an element of loyalty about managing teams.”

“In terms of Carrick, he was part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s mix. He wasn’t bought in by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. I thought he was but he wasn’t bought in by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and he decided to go out. I mean I’m a different animal. I’m cut from a different cloth. I don’t buy this mentality of being overworked or under-pressure or needing a break or looking drawn. I needed to get some sun as Trevor Sinclair said this morning.”

Further elaborating his take, the businessman opined, “I think you are in business to do things. You get the opportunities in life and you have no time to waste. And being involved with Manchester United, getting the opportunity that really and truly you’re coaching credentials don’t merit. They don’t. He’s a good player. He isn’t an excellent coach.”

“Manchester United have been excellent at times when they have had an excellent manager and excellent coaches. They don’t have that. They don’t have the best in class. So he’s been pretty fortunate to find himself in a position of elevated opportunity so walking away from it now I think is probably foolhardy from his learning curve because the gain from it would have been extremely beneficial for him if he intends to progress his career in the future in coaching.”

The 40-year old is expected to continue his coaching career elsewhere now but there is a strong chance that if he proves his mettle, he can make a comeback to the Old Trafford at some point in the near future.

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