“Made my day already”- Fans in awe as LA Knight hangs out with a specially abled WWE superfan on his 27th birthday 

The former Impact World Champion is now impacting the lives of his votaries.

“Made my day already”- Fans in awe as LA Knight hangs out with a specially abled WWE superfan on his 27th birthday 

LA Knight [via- WWE]

A WWE buff’s day was made when he bumped into LA Knight on his 27th birthday. The superfan named Derek Baker is a specially abled man who was frolicking as soon as he sensed a “Megastar” in his vicinity. The said clip could be found on Derek’s official Instagram handle. As it read, it was probably the best birthday of his life.


The narrator of the video, seemingly a close one of Baker, affirmed how excited he was to meet names like Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes, and LA Knight himself. And as the latter said, he just beat the buzzer. Derek invited Knight to sit right beside him, and the adorable soul couldn’t believe he was sitting next to The Defiant One, so he just hugged LA again.

Upon being asked whether he had fun during the WrestleMania XL weekend, Baker was quick to respond. He reminded the ex-Eli Drake of how he ousted AJ Styles. And finally, the two clicked a wholesome selfie to immortalize their meet-up. Knight’s been basking in the adulation of the fans that he’s gotten over the course of the last few hours.

Once a doomed jobber on the main roster, the 41-year-old, rising like a phoenix, has catapulted his stock to that of a well-received main event talent. He could taste what being a WWE Champion feels like, should he get past Styles once again this Friday on SmackDown.


They’ll meet in a ‘Mania 40 rematch to determine who’s headed to Backlash next month to face Cody Rhodes for the title. Having schooled AJ last Sunday, the former Million Dollar Champion would fancy himself to emulate those exploits yet again.

Wrestling fans laud LA Knight for making the day of his fan

Needless to say, the way LA Knight fared didn’t go unnoticed by social media. There’s a whole bunch of fans who gave props to him for being meticulous in a pampering way towards Derek Baker.

LA Knight
LA Knight on SmackDown [via- WWE]

Almost everyone was pleased with the wholesome content that The Megastar was a part of. Now, there was one, apparently a football account, who egregiously called out 27-year-old Derek for acting the way he did.

That account, potentially a troll, received major backlash for its negligence towards Baker despite his special status. One fan mentioned that moments like these prove why the SmackDown Superstar is the future. Another guy voiced his approval for Knight, saying he met the latter a month ago at a bar.


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